1 (806) 796-7174

Cell or landline number 1 (806) 796-7174 belongs to code 806. 806 numbers are generally can be found in Texas, but note there can be exceptions from this rule, especially for mobile numbers. 1 (806) 796-7174 has prefix code (806) 796, which can be used to trace more accurate general location in question. Do note that the geographic location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to trace because the prefix code only points at mobile operator network instead of a physical switch as in case for landline numbers.

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Report by N.L. A student - 2020-10-12
These [***] called my mom last night claiming some dude used her name at one point in her life. When her mom tried to get information from them, they told her they had to speak to him first. They also called my mom up using our maiden name and my moms previous married name back in the day. They told her this guy gave her his name at one point in time and that is the only way these [***] got my moms info. She said they told her they are not looking for her and to just ignore the messages they are leaving on my moms machine and to ignore the creepy number they left on her cell.

Report by Silas Williams - 2020-05-26
These guys have called at least 5 times with the same script. I told them that the person they want isn't me and if I knew them I would have spoken to them at a better time. They are now calling with a caller ID of "M-M". I think they like to play games.

Report by barb brewer - 2019-05-09
Have asked them for a copy of a paper I received (the one they keep calling me about) and they refuse to provide me with one or give me a physical mailing address. They just continue to tell me that they will take me to court. My case number is not even close to the one they have on file and I believe I will be receiving verification of this by mail when I file.

Report by Misseyjr - 2019-04-20
I answer and no one is there and then hangs up.

Report by Carrie Sheehy - 2018-12-27
No message from SCAMS

Report by BKeit - 2018-06-26
1) they do not say anything to you when you answer, if they do you get no live person. This has been a common tip from the scammers as to whether its a scam or not. <1) and why are they not prosecuted...I get calls and mail from various agencies trying to help with things, not calling these types of telemarketers back....why are they not prosecuted...this is an American Industry and we don't have people to go after these people...and why are they not prosecuted...you have papers to send them...I was told that they are a scam...this has been on the News all week...but still they persist ...why do you not prosecute them...they have ways to get all your information...you do not know whose information.....just like you do not know who the hell you are talking to..this is just the way it is.......you never know if they are trying to come after you..and you never know....you know what your credit scores are from the government and that is not your concern you should know who you are talking to if you were talking to them.....this is just another number that scams get you the right to believe they're legit...this is just the way it is.......when you are on the line with a bill collector or someone is looking for someone else..the best you can do is tell them there is no one at this number by that name...which will most likely prompt them to stop bothering you...as for me I have an office in the building they are calling out of...and if there were a case that needed to be processed...I would not give out any information...as this is a scam.....I would just hang up and call a real legitimate number back...these people do not make a practice of telling you who they are..but they will tell you who they are from the get go....and even then just hang up on them...even worse then the scam calls is they will call with the same message over and over and just change the last name of the debt collector... <1) I have been getting calls from different numbers...I just ignore them...it doesn't even ring anymore...only on my voicemail the call is left... <1) they have no business calling you...I know because they never came to my address and never said the name of the person that they need to talk to. What ever happened to the do not call list and the people that don't call until

Report by D Krist - 2018-05-20
Call came from 623-304-1626 to my landline. Blocked. Suspect it's a spoofed number, but I figure it's a scammer.

Report by M Bardi - 2018-04-19
Called my cell. Didn't answer, left no message

Report by EJude - 2017-12-25
Called today but left no message.

Report by Mirna M - 2017-12-24
Recording...a robot...says I had allegations against me...I called back and a foreign guy answered the phone saying he was "John Johnson"...didn't state the name of the company or agency he was working for...said he represented the Internal Revenue Service...I told him to stop scamming people, and my question is if they were so good at scamming why do they not know this...

Report by Diane Coyle-Cheshire Fire and EMS Narc - 2017-12-07
I received a call from this number as well, same "donna" from account services. They call about 4 times a day, I have pushed my "3" key, hung up and then I keep getting another call (from a different place), I answered once and said I will not answer anymore. I have blocked this number and so far, it has not stopped the calls.

Report by Ginger Schmidt - 2017-05-02
calls no message. Called multiple times.

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