1 (801) 726-5952

Cell or landline number 1 (801) 726-5952 belongs to code 801. 801 numbers are generally can be found in Utah, but note there can be exceptions from this rule, especially for mobile numbers. 1 (801) 726-5952 has prefix code (801) 726, which can be used to trace more accurate general location in question. Do note that the geographic location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to trace because the prefix code only points at mobile operator network instead of a physical switch as in case for landline numbers.

1 (801) 726-5952 - Posted Comments

The following reports for 1 (801) 726-5952 were submitted by our community

Report by B Pennington - 2020-02-21
SCAM: IRS SCAM!!! They say they are with the IRS, not "Internal Revenue Services".... "Internal Revenue Services" is "Internal Revenue Service"...

Report by brent sorRESTORTER - 2019-12-04
Same story here--I didn't answer (had a bad feeling about it so I typed it into Google and found this); called the number back and got a recording that was obviously being recorded.

Report by L8md - 2019-09-07
We received the same call. This is a scam.

Report by N. O. Kefey - 2019-05-11
Calls but leaves no vm . Calls my cell but leaves no vm

Report by nc26102 - 2019-04-13
Receive call from this number daily. I do not answer it but still it still annoys

Report by I have B.S. - 2018-02-17
Claimed to be a social security call. Left message: Call me back or I would be taken away. Did not call back. Call came from New York. Blocking this #...

Report by I love Someone - 2018-01-10
I actually called back they answer IRS tax debt and they have some information about my tax returns. They ask me to verify my phone number they had called. I said no way and they said thank you and hung up on me. I think something is not right here.

Report by Carrie - Greenville SC - 2017-10-27
Received several calls, no messages, blocked the #. Still calling.

Report by Laurie waterman - 2017-09-12
Call came in my cell from this # on 5/25/17, 1:50 pm. Caller ID said San Antonio, TX, but there was no message. We NEVER answer ANY unsolicited call. This would be the 3-4th such call from various #'s with SAME MESSAGE. We've blocked all of them!

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