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910 is a numbering plan code assigned to North Carolina. Phone area codes in North America were first used in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small portion assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in phone number code 910 are as follows: Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Jacksonville, Lumberton, Wilmington

Area 910 / submissions

Report for 1-9102390061 - 2020-05-21
I too received a message from a blocked number. I let it go to voicemail. They were calling to confirm my location. I called the number back and the same lady left the same message... I was calling for a claim number, I was suppose to have received this in the past three days, but I am not aware of the "claim" ... It is scary to find something from sooooooooo old. It just scares me that you would talk to a person... Please be very cautious and do not disclose any information... The lady on the voicemail left a number of 866-976-5646 for me to call.

Report for 1-9105355511 - 2020-03-29
Scam Scam Scam they are scammer , scammer they said that if I dont show up at the court house

Report for 1-9107960970 - 2020-02-28
Scam call for police dept charity

Report for 1-9105355511 - 2020-02-19
Recieved a call the past week. Told them I would report number and it's been reported I recieved several times in the past week to FCC for these bogus calls.

Report for 1-9108754065 - 2020-02-11
My husband was just contacted by these people, stating they are a collection agency, but wouldn't tell him the name of the company. He is a busy guy so he gave no information to them and when they called back and asked the address he wouldn't give it to them. I called them back and asked why they had sent the letter, "because i told you" and they said we have to make a decision together. I again asked why they hadn't notified me via certified mail, "because i told you" and they said they would not. I told them it sounded very suspicious to me, that I wasn't giving any information to them, and they asked for my husband and I was not interested. I had my husband call the number on our caller ID to look up the company since they wouldn't provide any more information. So sorry I wasn't the best person to help my husband on this, but I hope others are not as suspect as I was.

Report for 1-9105251777 - 2020-01-27
I called these idiots back after I got a call a couple of weeks ago, and left the same message (the message they left me yesterday was for another guy I don't know) that they left me. I had this guy at first scared, then I talked to someone else, and she said she is taking my number out of her system as they were told they wouldn't, so I'm looking into

Report for 1-9105355511 - 2020-01-10
Received a call stating they will take me to court if not paid. I called to the real IRS and said the IRS does not call you. They contact you via mail. I asked if they work outside of the country. I was told that is not correct. They are very rude. They hung up on me several times. I called back and kept giving them my card # and bank account info. I finally gave them a bogus number. They would not give me any information and tried to get more information. I hung up and called the bank they stated and was disconnected multiple times. I have reported it to the real IRS. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Report for 1-9109405597 - 2020-01-08
Got this one today from a person claiming to be from Virgin, USA. They claim to need a credit card number (like a credit card). Thanks to the previous reports from your fellow Virginians, I immediately rejected the text.

Report for 1-9102390061 - 2020-01-06
Call from this number today. Message said the call was from Microsoft. Said it was about some virus on my computer that need attention. When I called number, rang and then someone started playing boring music on the phone. We are on the do not call list. I believe there is a reason no one is calling us anymore. Just because someone calls does not mean that that person actually calls them. This number is now blocked.

Report for 1-9109050351 - 2019-11-25
I am sick of these calls. I have block these numbers and the next day they call from a new number. How do you make it stop?? It is becoming a real pain. I am on the no call list but I still get calls.

Report for 1-9108754065 - 2019-10-07
A message left on my voicemail stating they are from Global Express, and saying call them back immediately, they have a legal matter to discuss. This is obviously a scam. The number has been blacklisted and marked for deletion. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!!

Report for 1-9107855426 - 2019-09-25
This company keeps calling and asks for an unknown name. They are very rude.

Report for 1-9108754065 - 2019-07-25
Rang twice and hung up -- I do not answer calls that say "Unknown Name".

Report for 1-9107855426 - 2019-07-22
Called at 10:48 AM and CID: Tarpon Springs, FL was already blocked. Blocked the number as these [***] have done before

Report for 1-9107320696 - 2019-07-06
They keep calling me. I've picked up a couple of times and it's just background noise of other people in a call center.

Report for 1-9107855426 - 2019-07-01

Report for 1-9107855426 - 2019-06-07
calles about 10 times a day saying nothing.

Report for 1-9102390061 - 2019-05-08
Just because the number says its from India doesn't mean it is. These calls are coming from overseas. A lot of time, those calls come in as private, so nobody can find them. I'd really like to make it stop

Report for 1-9107855426 - 2019-05-04
Same as everyone saying I

Report for 1-9105251777 - 2019-04-29
I got a call from this number (408-516-0983) at 11:30pm and I didn't get to my phone at 12:00am. Just found out this morning of the call at 10:30am EST. Very upset.

Report for 1-9105251777 - 2019-04-24
Got a call from this number on my cell today. Did not answer because I didn't know the number. They

Report for 1-9107855426 - 2019-04-09
Received 5 calls from them today! They hung on long enough to leave messages and the last one came in at 11:50AM - NO IDEA WHO IT WAS

Report for 1-9107320696 - 2019-03-31
No call but check our google voice number on skype and found this. I am in Texas, so I am reporting this. I will put an alert out for skype, I guess that means anything for Skype.

Report for 1-9105355511 - 2018-12-25
A male voice called just saying "hello?" No name or company just asked for me?

Report for 1-9107855426 - 2018-12-17
Got a call at work from John Turner...wanting to talk to me or my attorney....I am not who they are looking for and never was....I asked him why this is a problem then he said it was a recorded line....