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909 is a numbering plan code assigned to California. Phone area codes in North America were first used in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small portion assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in phone number code 909 are as follows: Chino, Chino Hills, Claremont, Colton, Diamond Bar, Fontana, Highland, La Verne, Montclair, Ontario, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Rialto, San Bernardino, San Dimas, Upland, Yucaipa

Area 909 / submissions

Report for 1-9095924375 - 2019-12-02
Scam for sure!!!

Report for 1-9099836945 - 2019-12-01
You must work for this company. They are really good at scamming people. I'm a student of their company they help me in getting scholarships to America. I'm currently applying for scholarships so I will recommend you guys for that if you guys want to help american people.

Report for 1-9091626448 - 2019-11-29
Received call but did not answer. Blocked number. It's obviously a scammer as no message, so what makes them think people will respond if you answer

Report for 1-9091902209 - 2019-11-22
No answer - just silence

Report for 1-9095924375 - 2019-11-16
"We're sorry to disappoint you. Our companies, RGS and Global Services, have just been closed. Please call 18002245689 to rejoin our company.

Report for 1-9091626448 - 2019-11-10
These are all scams...I called my bank and was told these things are done over the internet and you never get a confirmation letter. Don't let it scare you into thinking you will be charged anything. If this had happened to you and you knew it was a scam, you would have contacted your bank immediately and had them change your card or cancel the account. If you are considering this kind of transaction make sure you do a search on this 419-230-4518. People who think they are doing you a favor by taking all the information to sign and sending you a document stating that you agreed to the terms of this would just be putting money on the table for them and not you.

Report for 1-9098428170 - 2019-10-10
Called 3 times within minutes. I answered the 4th time but no one there so I blocked the number.

Report for 1-9099836945 - 2019-10-04
They kept calling I called back and it rang and rang and rang, and they would just keep saying nothing. They finally just hung up and finally blocked my number from them coming to my house. It's really frustrating,

Report for 1-9095858883 - 2019-09-29
No message. Blocked!!

Report for 1-9098428170 - 2019-09-24
I called the number back and there was an automated message from the "National Insurance Foundation of America" to leave my number if I was on the Do Not Call list.

Report for 1-9098428170 - 2019-09-18
They called me saying I own money from some Payday loan said was the attorney federal agent and would be here in a hour, called my job and got my supervisor mad she said she had the police at the office they said I had to pay 300.00 so they could pull me out of jail for 300.00 plus extra, I told them that I was going to call my lawyer and see what is going on since they didnt even have my correct address, I had already paid this so the cop said they are going to wait to have me arrested because they cant get a hold of me....I will be sueing I would rather talk to an attorney then to a [***] at 745pm !!!!, this is nuts they would never do this just make a note as my advice is dont answer if they call you, they would have your name the last 4 of your social and name your employer and you are a loser for not being

Report for 1-9091626448 - 2019-09-11
Called no message left. I called back - scammer who cannot speak english.

Report for 1-9095858883 - 2019-08-12
My friend works for a heating and air conditioning company in Ft. Worth, Texas. I was wondering why they are calling me since I live in MD and the company she works for isn't in Texas.

Report for 1-9091902209 - 2019-08-02
I've been receiving calls from this number for 3 days straight now! I keep pressing the #3 to be removed from the calling list...but they still call! They have a recording when I try to call them, just a busy signal.

Report for 1-9098428170 - 2019-07-31
just got the same stupid call from 202-8008080

Report for 1-9098428175 - 2019-07-01
Did not answer call, they left "no voicemail" message

Report for 1-9093167557 - 2019-05-15
"This is an important message for ___, if you were called by ___please return our call at 1-866-218-0184, repeat it, thank you and have a great day."

Report for 1-9093167557 - 2019-05-02
Called saying a complaint has been file against me

Report for 1-9099836945 - 2019-04-29
Same as other. I called them back and a female answered "Tax Office" and then she said "what did she want". I told her I was just going to report the number to the government. She hung up.

Report for 1-9097935759 - 2019-04-28
I get 3-4 calls from this number every day. Never leave a message and I don't answer. Annoying!!!!

Report for 1-9098233218 - 2019-04-20
A computer generated voice left multiple messages on my voicemail stating i owe money and I need to press 1 to talk to a lawyer. I never returned their calls. However, they had my name and cell number. I called my local police department and they confirmed these same people are doing this and saying I commited a fraudulent crime. The local business confirmed that they did not contact them, not knowing that this is a scam! I am very interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit against these people and hopefully put a end to this nonsense for me & many others they may target!!

Report for 1-9098428170 - 2019-04-01
Recording saying I was one of 1500 people who were chosen by the government to receive 100.00 for being a loyal citizen. Said I had one hour to call the same number and give them my credit or debit card information in order to claim my gift card and not lose it.

Report for 1-9091902209 - 2019-02-23
This number is calling me saying I owe 3000 Dollars and I never had a loan with them it a scam right !

Report for 1-9091626448 - 2019-02-23
This number calls me 4 times a day. I blocked this number on the first call, they call from a different #. Today I called this # back and they put me on hold for 2 mins, then hung up. Now they just leave a blank message.

Report for 1-9091626448 - 2019-02-19
I keep getting calls from 1-877-301-0580 and I keep refusing to answer it because no one ever leaves a message or answers.