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734 is a numbering plan code assigned to Michigan. Phone area codes in North America were first used in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small portion assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in phone number code 734 are as follows: Ann Arbor, Canton, Garden City, Livonia, South Monroe, Plymouth, Romulus, Southgate, Westland, Wyandotte, Ypsilanti

Area 734 / submissions

Report for 1-7342240099 - 2020-10-12
Just received a call from this number. CID said Customer Survey. They left no message. I called back and there was a busy signal.

Report for 1-7347282364 - 2020-09-08
Unwanted repeat caller. Never leave message for any reason. Never pick up.

Report for 1-7347282364 - 2020-09-04
No one there. Blocked.

Report for 1-7342745271 - 2020-08-28
They called 2 or 3 times today but I have it blocked

Report for 1-7343237440 - 2020-06-25
You don't know who you're dealing with do you? How about you explain to us all why you are working with the thieves who are impersonating your companies representatives? What about the fact that they say they're with some sort of law enforcement, when all you're doing is calling people and threatening them and asking them to pay for money that doesn't exist? That is definitely a "scam"! This is why you were never fined or even reprimanded in any state for your lax security for your own data! Please do your research and leave people alone!

Report for 1-7345166594 - 2020-04-30
Just got my second voice mail this morning about 30 minutes ago from this number. I have blocked it now but it does sound like the same exact thing. I called back a few times because there was no reason for me to know this was going to come from the same company (the second time an Indian lady answered my hang up call) and all I got was a strange ringing noise. They called my home number which is in an area most definitely not even affiliated with me. I have also reported them to the FTC and the local police.

Report for 1-7347698010 - 2020-04-29
CallerID shows "Vets Association" left me a threatening voice mail saying I was listed as a reference for someone, whom I've never heard of, and I now am legally responsible. I have no idea who these people are or where they are. If it's legit, or even a real debt collector, I'm not worried about my credit. But what a pain in the backside these people get!!!

Report for 1-7345128645 - 2020-03-22
Caller ID says "CUSTSERVICE". A female robo voice says, "I'm calling you from the order claims department. The nature of this call is to notify you that we are mailing out final documentation to you. So once you receive this message I want you to contact your attorney or you contact the office the quickest possible line that you can 919-217-0513. Again that number is 919-217-0513. Thank you." Since the calling number was not one I recognized the voice said "Statewide Regional Court" I immediately hung up.I am blocking the number based on the previous entries.

Report for 1-7347282364 - 2020-02-28
This number said it was about a coupon

Report for 1-7345166594 - 2020-02-22
They keep calling. No answer when I pick up.I hate these callers... I am on the do not call register. And the calls still continue.

Report for 1-7345166594 - 2020-02-15
These people keep calling me and don't leave a message. I called them and it was a recording and it said to put in your number to be put on the do not call list which I did! So I will keep calling until they get bored with me!!

Report for 1-7346681466 - 2020-01-18
Missed the call; no message was left.

Report for 1-7347698010 - 2020-01-04
Called around 10:30am on May 18th, 2012. Caller ID "Alton MA" - did not leave a message.

Report for 1-7344148240 - 2020-01-03
I didn't answer and no message left.

Report for 1-7347282364 - 2019-12-23
I have received this scam call a total of six times within the past week. Today, on May 18, I called them back and I spoke to a person who identified himself as "David Taylor of American Solutions", and this is a collection agency for the city of Austin, TX. He identified as the City of Austin, TX, but in reality they are nothing but a fraudulent collection agency. I told him not to call this number any longer and he said he'd remove it from their database. I called him today and my number was picked up by the so-called "Corporate Office" of the "Corporate Office of Austin, TX and he asked for me by my first name, and again I told him to call my number and remove it from the list. I told him I already had a letter sent to them, as I have to sign for and mail stuff every month. He told me to have a nice day and hung up. I received a call today from "David Taylor" and I asked him what his next move would be. He asked where I would like to be contacted. I told him to give me one phone number to call I will take it but he replied he only has six, I informed him of the number that I had already called and stated again to him to remove it from the list and if I received any additional calls, I would report it to the authorities. He stated my name was on the list now, so I hung up.

Report for 1-7342281578 - 2019-12-18
Called me today, didn't leave any message. Caller ID said "Toll Free Call".

Report for 1-7343237440 - 2019-12-16
called my cell phone no message.

Report for 1-7342281578 - 2019-12-05
I have been called by this phone number. I do not answer the calls and they leave no message.

Report for 1-7342745271 - 2019-12-01
Karen Nelson was a busy lady this morning. She called my wife on a Monday, I on a Tuesday. She's a moron. Calling on a cell phone you stupid [***]. She must be using an automatic dialing program as it was on my wife's cell not hers. What idiots. I'm filing a complaint with the FTC. Don't waste your time, because they're not worth it.

Report for 1-7340657123 - 2019-11-29
They called my work phone, but I didn't answer, and they left no message.

Report for 1-7344449315 - 2019-11-23

Report for 1-7342246639 - 2019-11-22
Just call the number back and hit 0 to go on hold for someone. I did as someone suggested and the person that answered hung up on me as well. I kept getting hung up on and they kept hanging up on me. Just wait for someone to answer and tell them to take off the calling list. It worked.

Report for 1-7344449315 - 2019-11-07
A woman left a vm that was broken up asking for somebody I do not know. I tried calling back but they wouldn't answer. I have no idea how those people connected my phone number to this person in the first place.

Report for 1-7340657123 - 2019-11-01
Called said I owed money that's a scammers number don't call me or give anymore info

Report for 1-7346681466 - 2019-10-22
Caller ID showed "Home Security". Called today at 10:34 am.

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