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361 is a numbering plan code assigned to Texas. Phone area codes in North America were first used in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small portion assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in phone number code 361 are as follows: Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Victoria

Area 361 / submissions

Report for 1-3614003192 - 2020-10-31
Called 12/11/17. Caller ID shows "Spam? Name unavailable". I don't answer calls when I don't recognize the number. No message left.

Report for 1-3613173266 - 2020-08-05
No one has shown up at my home and I have no friends or family members in Ohio. Called back and got a recording about "American business capital". It's a scam.

Report for 1-3613173261 - 2020-07-01
I got a call from number as well saying some thing about a case file and saying they will have the police there in 45 mins to arrest me! I was so excited! I even gave them the police information for something they couldn't read! The said they were going to come to my place of employment and serve. I asked for a case number, the phone number, and a phone number to call them back? They couldn't even tell me where to send the money!

Report for 1-3610382721 - 2020-06-27
Got the same call that it was an officer Scott Adams from the IRS and needed to call him back.. Yeah, OK!

Report for 1-3610382721 - 2020-06-20
Missed call. No voice message.

Report for 1-3613173261 - 2020-06-08
I got a call from a blocked number. Someone with an accent left the message about the IRS. And that

Report for 1-3613173261 - 2020-04-24
Received call left no message, they hung up. I called the number back (blocking my number for security) and received recording saying this number is not in service.

Report for 1-3614846989 - 2020-04-14
Keep calling about CRA tax fraud tax evasion. They want $ to settle a debt the CRA owes me. No paperwork has ever been supplied.

Report for 1-3613173261 - 2020-02-22
A robo message telling me to call an 844 number.

Report for 1-3615329002 - 2020-02-03
Received a call from this number, the message claimed that I was "officially notified" and that they wanted to speak to me about a "civil suit" and wanted to verify my address. They left the 647-23-8331 to call back. I've never received anything in the mail from them either, so, I have no idea why they called, but it sounded like they were just phishing for info. My ID is blocked due to identity fraud, so I know they couldn't get any info from that.

Report for 1-3610382721 - 2020-01-31
Same as a caller reported above.I didn't bother to call back after doing more work online.I'm sure they'll just call me again from a different number.

Report for 1-3612021740 - 2020-01-13
I keep getting these same phone calls. I want them to quit calling or at least provide a case number. I have no idea who they are or what the purpose of the call is. I don't care who these people call. I want it to stop. The caller ID just says "Unknown". The only thing on the answering machine does not say who is calling. Please stop them from making my job that much more difficult.

Report for 1-3612021740 - 2019-12-26
Called and hung up, when I called them back message

Report for 1-3611035440 - 2019-12-24
Missed call. No msg.

Report for 1-3615329002 - 2019-11-29
They called wanting me to speak to a family member to find the where and where abouts of my missing ex-husband - which is why they called me. When I told them it was me they hung up.

Report for 1-3614880560 - 2019-11-24
Hang up call to my cellphone. No name registered when I Googled.

Report for 1-3614846989 - 2019-10-22
The person said they were calling about an application I submitted for some student loan services... I don't have student loans. Scam.

Report for 1-3614000946 - 2019-10-18
I have had calls from this number over the past week (3/9-5/13). I have not answered but the voicemail messages have only the few numbers of some kind "this is just a courtesy call" or "if you want a call back, please stay on line to reach the person who called, or dial one now" or "the person you called on a conference call. No information about what it is about or who is calling. I can't find anywhere on the internet or any other reputable site that this is a debt collector. I am almost 60 years old and don't owe any money, and my credit rating is over 800.

Report for 1-3614846989 - 2019-09-25
I called the number back and they said they were with AT&T. Wanted me credit card number to pay for their "rewards" program.

Report for 1-3610382721 - 2019-09-23
Called 3 times today and no voice mail. Will be blocking #

Report for 1-3614000946 - 2019-09-15
So it's not a hoax but it is criminal harassment.

Report for 1-3614000946 - 2019-09-06
Calls frequently never leaves message so blocking

Report for 1-3612021740 - 2019-08-09
This number called me 6 times yesterday, 4 calls at 6:15 am, 4 calls at 6:55 am and today at 5:36 pm and no messages were left. If it were real it would show up in my caller ID. I finally answered and they asked for someone who's name I could not pronounce. Who is this? How can I block them from calling me? I have Verizon do not call registry, but not enough numbers for blocking?

Report for 1-3611035440 - 2019-08-07
I received this message as well. How do they get away with it?

Report for 1-3614880560 - 2019-07-29
Recd call today. Did not state the company name. Gave the name of Richard Cooper or something. Said they were with some type of legal dept