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314 is a numbering plan code assigned to Missouri. Phone area codes in North America were first used in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small portion assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in phone number code 314 are as follows: Kirkwood, Maryland Heights, Mehlville, Oakville, Spanish Lake, St. Louis, University City, Webster Groves, Affton, Ferguson, Florissant, Hazelwood

Area 314 / submissions

Report for 1-3147692300 - 2020-02-25
I also live in MN and have an account with them....and I was trying to get info,but was told i have to call back,and i can't they hung up..

Report for 1-3147692300 - 2020-02-18
called my cell - no message left

Report for 1-3145605135 - 2020-02-05
Same as everyone else. I called back and got a recording. They did ask for me by name, but when I said "yes to your question," they hung up. Seems like it could be scammy to me.

Report for 1-3144499781 - 2020-01-28
Scam. No one there when I answered

Report for 1-3144262654 - 2020-01-28
They do not leave messages. They call multiple times throughout day.

Report for 1-3142097545 - 2020-01-28
Just called me again. The same guy, Mike Smith. Called my home and my cell. Same message: "There is tax fraud against me as a result of which this call is in regards."I have blocked this number, but of course they will just spoof another number. Blocking the idiots.

Report for 1-3144262654 - 2020-01-14
this number is just calling and trying to talk with people

Report for 1-3149215084 - 2020-01-08
Same as previously reported. Received call around 4 pm, no message was left.

Report for 1-3147664669 - 2020-01-02
Bought a cellphone 2 weeks ago. Recently, I have been having trouble with Verizon. These calls come and I get an "all circuits are busy" message. Now, whenever I get a call from this number, I just answer with my "Hello" in what I consider a kind of a sarcastic tone and hope they hang up and then block the number. This helps to avoid the annoying messages that appear when there is a call from someone with an Indian accent.

Report for 1-3147692300 - 2019-12-31
Called my landline phone today, June 25. Caller ID said "NY, USA". No message left.

Report for 1-3144262654 - 2019-12-09
They keep calling about 4 times a day and the message states the call is related to a loan I applied for..I have not applied for anything so I'm 100% sure this is a scam

Report for 1-3145605135 - 2019-11-30
I have received 7 calls and counting in the last 2 days. I have also received 3 missed calls from this number. No message was left. When I try to call the number, it says that the voice mail box is full and cannot accept any messages.I am really annoyed by this. I am also with Bell.

Report for 1-3140800800 - 2019-11-27
I received the same message too.

Report for 1-3142301567 - 2019-11-27
Called cell, no message left.

Report for 1-3149215084 - 2019-11-25
Total Scam! Do not answer!

Report for 1-3142074916 - 2019-11-25
i called the number and someone called the company "Aol" and asked to be removed from there list. i just hung up on him.

Report for 1-3144979143 - 2019-11-25
Received two calls yesterday. Same threat... "you or your lawyer need to call them right away".

Report for 1-3147664669 - 2019-11-17
Received call from this number in TX. Recorded voice said I would be arrested for tax evasion from the IRS if I did not call back right away.

Report for 1-3143280904 - 2019-10-27
Called, left no message.... BLOCKED !

Report for 1-3144499781 - 2019-10-24
Caller ID read "Washington D.C." Left a lengthy message asking for the owner, I did not respond, then hung up without saying anything.

Report for 1-3147208632 - 2019-10-10
I've been called twice (I'm reporting the 2nd one to the authorities I work with) by this number and a man named David Thompson said his partner would be coming out to arrest me tomorrow and that I was going to lose my job, my house, and I could be placed in jail for 8-10 years.... I asked for documentation, and he could not give me any info, just kept asking, what do I want? etc.

Report for 1-3144262654 - 2019-09-23
Scum bags. Don't answer.

Report for 1-3142301567 - 2019-09-09
Got the same message today on my voicemail asking me to call this number regarding my Capital One credit card account. My credit card is not with Capital One. I know that I never applied for any credit card by phone.

Report for 1-3147208632 - 2019-09-04
I rec'd 2 calls, from this # no less than 10 minutes apart. I called back to see who the call was to, the call would not go through. It is a number from the US, not the area code of where I live.

Report for 1-3145505592 - 2019-08-07
Called. Did not leave a message.

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