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307 is a numbering plan code assigned to Wyoming. Phone area codes in North America were first used in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small portion assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in phone number code 307 are as follows: Casper, Cheyenne, Gillette, Laramie

Area 307 / submissions

Report for 1-3072220117 - 2020-10-05
Received a call for this number at 9:30 PM Sunday. They said they would be sending me a $100 gift certificate for my loyalty. I said yes you are welcome to, they have 2 hours later. I called the number back again and a man picked up, I said I just received that call and I think it is a scam, and to put me on their do not call list. He apologized and said he would do that immediately.

Report for 1-3073827410 - 2020-09-22
What do I need to know to proceed to the next step? I am in the process of getting served papers for a summons?

Report for 1-3070700096 - 2020-09-22
I got the same phone call.. I call and they will not tell me who they were calling for either. He got upset with me after I kept asking for them to give me info for verifying who I am. I told him he said I will file a report.. he said I will see you in court.

Report for 1-3074493664 - 2020-09-15
They called and left no messages. I called them back. They claim to be a collection agency. They stated that they tried to contact me several times via an unknown number to my cell. They asked me to verify that this is something that I had listed (that I did not make). I hung up.

Report for 1-3072406440 - 2020-08-30
I've received the same call twiceI called number back and got a computer voice saying it's the social security administration and then a person answers asking me if I had called the number before.I kept playing along. Asked if it was to find out why I was being charged. They hung up. I called back again and told the voice to F off as he was not to ever again call my phone again. I told them I WANNA BE PISSED!!! I hope someone does to get these people to quit this sick scam.

Report for 1-3072982572 - 2020-07-25
Same here. This number has called me a couple of times. I can't imagine how many times I'll get calls from WCF - that's the only think I've gotten from them. They never leave a voice mail saying who they are looking for.

Report for 1-3073827410 - 2020-05-12
This is a scam. Said I had a pay day loan that I had never paid. Gave me an address where I never lived. Had my name, social, etc. I knew this was a scam from the very beginning and told him so. He said he would keep talking to me but that he could not get back to me. I said I would not give out any information to a stranger. He told me not to call this number. I have a family that has suffered mental distress trying to figure out what exactly this was about.

Report for 1-3075741734 - 2020-03-28
Do not call the following numbers:877-303-225991862-281-9368855-217-5395800-262-1029

Report for 1-3075741734 - 2020-03-21
called said I was being sued by the IRS. I called back with my number blocked. I gave a phony name and they asked was I Mike (full name) and I responded yes, they hung up. SCAMMERS

Report for 1-3073827410 - 2020-02-23
Didn't answer... No message left... Blocked number.

Report for 1-3074493664 - 2020-02-06
Just received a call from this number. It was from Augusta, GA. They did not leave a message.

Report for 1-3072174130 - 2020-02-01
I received this same call on my cell - did not answer and no message was left. I did submit a call to them earlier today.

Report for 1-3074198122 - 2020-01-09
Left a message saying we needed to contact them immediately. I called the number back and no one said anything. I kept talking to hear if they knew who they were talking about, they kept saying hello hello. They eventually hung up.

Report for 1-3073920070 - 2019-11-27
I got the same recording from Kelly Johnston stating what the call claims to represent. It's a total scam!

Report for 1-3073920070 - 2019-11-23
This number called me at 9:30 last night, left no message.

Report for 1-3075741734 - 2019-11-19
I also received a call today 11:50 am. Did not answer and no voicemail left. Added them to 'blocked list' now.

Report for 1-3072041021 - 2019-11-11
They have called me 4 times today, I don't answer, they don't leave a voicemail. I see here that they are scammers and it is a waste of time.

Report for 1-3074198122 - 2019-10-14
Scam, they call twice in a row with automated voice stating a subscription is costing me $299... yeah okay!

Report for 1-3073167469 - 2019-10-02
Caller ID says Seattle State. Message about Microsoft refund. Yeah right.

Report for 1-3072225977 - 2019-09-17
called my mother and my grandparents. I don't remember the debt but they had my social and addresses. Also said my car was being repaired and would need to be paid. When I asked what court was this in, they wouldn't tell me. I'm not going to fall for this if they can't tell me what it was in regards to and who it's supposedly owed to. Very sketchy.

Report for 1-3072982572 - 2019-09-06
Just got the voice mail too. Blocked my card and called number. No reply so i hung up. I called my bank

Report for 1-3074198122 - 2019-09-05
Got call from this number this evening did not answer. They left no message. Caller ID show Unassigned.

Report for 1-3072041021 - 2019-08-29
I keep getting this. i dont want or need anything of this kind from hhughes. the number comes up on my phone as unknown but they keep calling anyway.

Report for 1-3072982572 - 2019-08-09
Says he is calling from the IRS and my taxes are in arrears

Report for 1-3072220117 - 2019-07-11
Calls all the time all the time. No messages left. I finally called back this morning and the answer was: Credit Management Services. The call back number was 803-276-8908. I asked to be put on the do not call list and was hung up on. I have them on my blocked list yet they keep calling from another 803 number

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