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214 is a numbering plan code assigned to Texas. Phone area codes in North America were first used in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to USA and Canada with a small portion assigned to some caribbean nations

Major cities located in phone number code 214 are as follows: Allen, Arlington, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Coppell, Dallas, DeSoto, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Frisco, Garland, Grand Prairie, Irving, Lancaster, Lewisville, McKinney, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett, The Colony, University Park, Waxahachie

Area 214 / submissions

Report for 1-2147282803 - 2020-03-28
Caller asked for head of household. When I said they are not available then they said thank you and hung up. I'm blocking the number.

Report for 1-2147282803 - 2020-03-28
Received a call from this number and it appears to be a scam. I did not pick up as I have NO idea who it is that I received a phone call from. I am on the do not call list as well and I have reported this to the Do Not Call registry.

Report for 1-2146996229 - 2020-03-27
Got the same call this morning. I am a T-mobile customer, so I knew it was bogus. The only thing I can think of is that they've been calling me a while just changing the number but calling me on the same cell, and that is how I got this call. But that seems like a stretch as I haven't seen anyone else getting this call on T-mobile.

Report for 1-2142969508 - 2020-03-26
I had the same message left on my voicemail. A man with an Indian accent left a similar message as others have stated. He called from 855-207-7694 and then said to return the call at 855-207-7694, giving the same message that I needed to call back to verify the information. I then redialed 855-207-7694 and got a man, this time and said he was Kevin Nelson (not the Kevin of the first call). This man said he was with "Federal Court Administration." This time, he said that there was probable cause that I owned money for fraud and that I was going to be taken to court and he said to have my attorney contact him. I asked what for since I had no money of any kind. He said that if I didn't cooperate that they would issue a warrant and that I would be arrested. I asked again what this was in regards to and he said "I'm not in a position to tell you. Again, I don't know the information you are asking for, but I needed to verify that I was speaking with the correct person." I told him this sounded like a scam and I am going to report it to authorities. He said he would need me to have my attorney contact him. I asked for their number and he said "no, just call back the number."I also told him that the next time he called that I had contacted authorities and he needed to contact them back with the information to report the fraud and to have my attorney call with the information. He hung up on me. I called again, the phone rang 15 times and all I got was a busy signal,

Report for 1-2142697441 - 2020-03-25
They have called me a few times in the past week. I have them blocked now, they still leave a voicemail every damn time. The message starts midstream so all they hear is silence.

Report for 1-2149622632 - 2020-03-25
Have recieved several calls from this 888 number. No messages left and when I answered there is no response. I do not want this number to call me anymore.

Report for 1-2143770294 - 2020-03-22
Just got the same call

Report for 1-2147175588 - 2020-03-18
Got the same message from this number

Report for 1-2147052209 - 2020-03-17
Said I was being charged with Tax Evasion by the IRS, did get smart and looked up the number. This is definitely a scam. Beware! When I said I was going to my tax preparer he said "go ahead, we'll be waiting"!!!

Report for 1-2144043278 - 2020-03-07
Called 3 times this evening. I don't answer out of area. They don't leave message. Must be scam calling number.

Report for 1-2142174434 - 2020-03-06
They call 5-6 times every weekday. The only thing i can do is to not answer when i see it

Report for 1-2142642760 - 2020-03-02
Called number back and got a recording saying "this number is not yet activated" and to wait for the next available rep. I hung up.

Report for 1-2147296453 - 2020-02-23
Called my cell and asked for me by my first and last name

Report for 1-2145836201 - 2020-02-19
These people called my cell and tried to scare me into thinking the IRS was after me and there was a lawsuit against me! When I called the number back they answered IRS, didn't know what that was and proceeded to say that they need my name and if I hung up today I would go to prison for impersonating an IRS agent! I said "come arrest me I can't wait" and hung up! They have no brains!

Report for 1-2149351035 - 2020-02-18
Called and left no message so this was probably junk/scam.

Report for 1-2143299656 - 2020-02-09
Left voice mail about sending legal documents to be delivered to my home or work if I did not call back

Report for 1-2147798365 - 2020-02-09
Just got a call from this number...they left no message...I called them back and had someone pick up the other line. They said they were a company called "Flexible Life Options." I told them I was reporting them as a scam and she hung up on me.

Report for 1-2141734816 - 2020-02-08
Called and no message left. Added to reject list.

Report for 1-2146425208 - 2020-02-07
They called my husband's phone number twice in the last two days claiming to be a debt collector and left a message stating that if I don't call right away

Report for 1-2149975445 - 2020-02-06
Same message from a Patricia Smith-very serious and urgent . No call back or receipt-the person is unknown to me-no company name given, no call back number, just a number left with no company name

Report for 1-2146139115 - 2020-02-04
Called my cell which is on the Federal Do Not Call list, and left no message. Did not call back because I found this site and

Report for 1-2145061453 - 2020-02-01
Someone from that number just texted me: "I'm interested in buying one of your pictures and I just need to verify that you are serious about buying it."And then, after that, he proceeded to tell me: "I will send a money order and will have my shipping company send it to you for the payment. After that I will send pictures of the books for review and then once the review is done I will send it to you for the pick up. If you would like to know the address for the shipment of the payment to please text me your full name, address, and phone number and I will get it added to the check."

Report for 1-2140722920 - 2020-02-01
I also received that call and the caller ID said Unavailable; I didn't answer it and they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-2147749155 - 2020-01-27
Received a call at home with no message. Caller ID showed Cripple Creek CO

Report for 1-2149573728 - 2020-01-26
Called 5 times this morning. Leaves no vm. When I called back it said number is not in service.

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