Report for 1-6014105010 - 2020-01-05 601
Just received a call from this number... I answered and they immediately launched into: I have qualified for a 3 night trip... etc, etc,I hung up and blocked the number for this day (6/16/2015) with the message:"The number you have

Report for 1-7143965324 - 2020-01-04 714
I just got a call from this number as well on my cell phone. I didn't answer it, just looked it up...I'm in PA.

Report for 1-8123885617 - 2020-01-04 812
I got the same message about 3 weeks ago and I tried pressing any key to remove my number from the list. I received another call from the same number but they did the same thing. This number has been reported. If they were really from IRS, they would send you a letter regarding the issues and not make robo calls, especially after receiving a complaint from a law enforcement.

Report for 1-9722474935 - 2020-01-04 972
Please stop calling these people

Report for 1-3015168460 - 2020-01-04 301
Just call, but no message.

Report for 1-2544886176 - 2020-01-03 254
Call the number and select "remove this number from calling list", if done correctly they will take it off within a week.

Report for 1-8432671343 - 2020-01-03 843
I got a call from someone asking for my mother who passed away two years ago . I told them to f off and that they were a scam . I've blocked the numbers they call from on my phone. Now they are texting me to call back and the same situation with one different number

Report for 1-7344148240 - 2020-01-03 734
I didn't answer and no message left.

Report for 1-7204473947 - 2020-01-03 720
The call that I got was from 877-724-6936. I returned the call and got a woman answering as "Human Resources, how may I help...." I hung up.

Report for 1-6502718776 - 2020-01-03 650
I received a called from this number a man named Anthony was talking on the phone. He said it was in regards to my social but I could not understand anything but he had my social. He asked me to verify it for him. I refused and he said if I could not verify it then he could not help my case. He told me I have charges pressed against me for an outstanding debt I had with a loan that I took out. He gave me another number 855-913-2457 and a case number to call him back. I called that number and was hung up on. After the 5th time of getting a hold of him I got tired of being hung up on and I kept calling until I finally got someone so I could ask for him to remove my number from anyone list he gave me. Of course, the guy was not able to give me very much information because not too much was clear about the debt and I am unsure of why I have a charge against me. When I called again to try to get some information, a male picked up the phone and said that they do not have my social security. When I said to that, he said they cannot take my social. This all sounds very strange. Has anyone received any other information from the contact information they gave you?

Report for 1-7705399429 - 2020-01-03 770
Got call from this number this evening, no message.

Report for 1-2128671946 - 2020-01-03 212
got a call from this number. i picked up but they hung up

Report for 1-2816019379 - 2020-01-03 281
I get the same call about tax fraud. It's a scam. Do not respond.

Report for 1-6822431860 - 2020-01-03 682
This number called and a man who could hardly speak English, called me a couple of times and says, "My mother is a dumbass and you are a smartass." And then hung up.

Report for 1-4232421342 - 2020-01-03 423
I just got a call from this number on my cell phone. Not much info online about this one number. It's already blocked. Not the first time this number has tried calling either. Thanks for all the help.

Report for 1-4691601100 - 2020-01-03 469
These morons must be calling everyone about their legal issues. There are laws protecting us...

Report for 1-3608936877 - 2020-01-03 360
I got the robo call this morning on my cell phone, I returned the call from a separate phone and the "Officer" did not announce who he was, but did say that this was a "Time Sensitive

Report for 1-4138008000 - 2020-01-02 413
Call from T-Mobile. They have nothing to do with T-Mobile. Ignore the call.

Report for 1-8505228526 - 2020-01-02 850
They called me in the middle of class. I tried to call back to see who it was and no answer. I am really tired of the calls. How do I stop them?!?!

Report for 1-2026305115 - 2020-01-02 202
Got a call from this number today. Called it back on my phone with blocked caller ID, and it said the call could not be completed as dialed. Obviously spoofed.

Report for 1-2132929016 - 2020-01-02 213
Left no massage

Report for 1-2138417161 - 2020-01-02 213
I am calling my attorney and also going to go after this company for it. When they call back I am going to answer it like a real law enforcement agency with the local police department and they will not be able to call back! There must be a way to stop these people who should be arrested for this type of scam! The guy who calls you is from India. I talked to him

Report for 1-2672070018 - 2020-01-02 267
Same thing here, they called my mother in law saying that the call is for me, but never a good sign, i tried calling back the number and no answer. I googled it and found this, glad I did.

Report for 1-5712297579 - 2020-01-02 571
Caller has been trying to call from several different numbers and when you search that name you get nothing but scum trying to scam you! Have this idiot reported to National Do Not Call List!!!

Report for 1-3147664669 - 2020-01-02 314
Bought a cellphone 2 weeks ago. Recently, I have been having trouble with Verizon. These calls come and I get an "all circuits are busy" message. Now, whenever I get a call from this number, I just answer with my "Hello" in what I consider a kind of a sarcastic tone and hope they hang up and then block the number. This helps to avoid the annoying messages that appear when there is a call from someone with an Indian accent.

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