Report for 1-3057223267 - 2020-07-18 305
Just got a call from this number. Picked up and they hung up. Called back and it said it was a disconnected number.

Report for 1-2188657026 - 2020-07-17 218
This number said that I would be prosecuted for a loan that I did not initiate. The person who called me was "John" that called me was with a heavy Indian accent. Called

Report for 1-8436673315 - 2020-07-16 843
Just happened to me as well

Report for 1-2126342617 - 2020-07-15 212
Called 2/25/2019 at 4:19 p.m. I didn't answer. They hung up and left no message.

Report for 1-8184517098 - 2020-07-15 818
This is an offshore payday loan debt collection extortion scam that has been going on for at least five years. The FBI is aware of it but is unable to go after those involved due to lack of money and manpower. I looked back and found some old information which may prove to be helpful: They obtained your information through Teletrack:Kudos to "Sam" for giving the most intelligent and informative posts on this scam. READ, Bookmark and use as needed: have been receiving phone calls from this group since late April / early May of 2010. There is a good chance that they also attempted to contact me roughly two years ago before I entered into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection, as I faintly remember hearing the same script more or less. As others have stated, the callers are difficult to understand. Generally speaking their command of the English language is quite poor and their accents are hard to follow. At times they will get my name right but I've been told that most of the time it's not. It seems to me that they are attempting to find outjust how far the "Go Green Initiative" will go to see if they can scam some money from a vulnerable senior citizen.

Report for 1-7152294730 - 2020-07-15 715
Please stop calling

Report for 1-3467621331 - 2020-07-15 346
Called and didn't leave a message. Blocked!!

Report for 1-8452440999 - 2020-07-15 845
They also called us (we are in Alberta) twice yesterday: once at 9:36 am and again at 1:32pm. I blocked the number (I have a call blocker, but since the area code looks local I have to activate it manually, then the system does not recognize it as an actual number. So I'm not sure how much advantage it was to block this number.I think the telemarketers might have gotten around this by spoofing the number, but these people really need to be on a do not call list for the entire state of Washington, as it is a high crime area.

Report for 1-8127018821 - 2020-07-15 812
Calls and leaves no message.

Report for 1-3473239839 - 2020-07-15 347
This guy called me from 844-260-4925 with a heavy indian accent saying he was from the federal bureau and he had a complaint against me, he wouldn't give me the number on his desk and when I

Report for 1-3518362535 - 2020-07-15 351
Called but didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-3608713471 - 2020-07-15 360
Called saying he was collecting funds for a police organization wanting to send a donation envelope. He said he was representing the National Police And Troopers Association. Told me they were on the line for 20-30 minutes with people who wanted to give donations every month. When I said I wanted to know more info about how they would be sending the donation, they hung up.

Report for 1-6671336578 - 2020-07-15 667
Calls at least twice a day, I pick up and no one seems to be there.

Report for 1-7704468508 - 2020-07-15 770
Called my cell and left a voice message and said "We may have expired in future and our license key has been expired and all services are suspended.Press 1 to speak with one of our representatives.Or press 9 to be put on the do-not-call list".SCAM!!

Report for 1-8052581696 - 2020-07-15 805
If I had my time I would have answered "You guys called yesterday, and left a message so it looks like it was important", but I don't give my cell to family or close friends so it isn't even my number anymore. If it's so important, they can put me on their Do Not Call List and get the money in my hand. It's obvious they don't

Report for 1-9039611505 - 2020-07-15 903
Left message saying there is an arrest warrant issued on me for a series of federal issues

Report for 1-9086920666 - 2020-07-15 908
My mom just received a call from these people - a Mrs. Jackson - about me owing a student loan with "Creditor's Alliance" - I am only 18 and don't have a student loan. I don't owe money - I had a problem with a roommate - got that resolved - they have called her a few days in a row and now she just wants the calls to stop.

Report for 1-3523564266 - 2020-07-15 352
Same message, they're trying to scare you.

Report for 1-5123229556 - 2020-07-14 512
Call blocker is your best bet.

Report for 1-3473239839 - 2020-07-13 347
Called, no message

Report for 1-3102177638 - 2020-07-11 310
Same deal here. The message was cut off on the last few words, but the voicemail said I failed to respond to a notice/letter. Called the # back, went straight to VM.

Report for 1-7200021505 - 2020-07-11 720
Got the call at 9:00am central yesterday. Didn't answer cause I was in the middle of cooking and didn't leave message. Called it back and it's an invalid #. If it really is the National Rifle Association, they need to do something about their telemarketing methods or get their own phone number. If it's the National Recovery Agency, it's a robo-caller with a real person answering rather than a recording. If they're calling from a cell phone, block the number or use Call Control on your phone. It's free and you can also enter this number as a robocaller.

Report for 1-5082068308 - 2020-07-11 508
Got a call today, didn't answer. They left a voicemail. They said they are with the New York Fire Fighters.

Report for 1-3192725858 - 2020-07-11 319
Called and did not leave message.

Report for 1-2103388841 - 2020-07-11 210
Called several times - no message left. This is a scam.

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