Report for 1-4242398902 - 2020-01-08 424
Called my daughter. Wanted a payment of $350+ from a 9 year old debt, my daughter called me. We are a civil case, We are trying not to send information to a state court and we have lawyers on the stand to fight this debt, etc. etc. When I called the number back for them they hung up on me. Just don't answer when they call

Report for 1-7068842641 - 2020-01-08 706
Scammers and criminals.

Report for 1-3608936877 - 2020-01-08 360
They called and left a message about debt... I know I have lots of debt but this is a scam... I called back, and asked that my number not be used as the business number (as it shows I have an account..). The person I spoke with did not know what account was asking for, just hung up on me.

Report for 1-8059293211 - 2020-01-08 805
Called 4 times - no message left

Report for 1-2018221829 - 2020-01-08 201
The company is called DSS. There is no such company.

Report for 1-4052729935 - 2020-01-08 405
When I have received calls on my cell phone from area codes and numbers where I know no one lives I have selected the option to press 1 and then the option to press 5 to be removed from their call list. It seems to have at least worked for me. If you press 5 then you might be prompted to leave your

Report for 1-2408881000 - 2020-01-08 240
call from this number... asked "are you there?", then nothing.

Report for 1-8472382800 - 2020-01-08 847
I got a call and voicemail from this number from a man claiming to be the "senior accountant for RBC". He said in the voicemail that since I'm a loyal customer he wants to explain how I can "make $3,000 from my home". I did try calling it back but noone took the call or leaves a voicemail. I think it's a spam call.

Report for 1-6024546336 - 2020-01-08 602
Caller calls 2-3 times a day starting at 8:00 am until 8:30pm. They call on our land line.

Report for 1-5183562134 - 2020-01-08 518
Weird called and left no message

Report for 1-5627903621 - 2020-01-07 562
I just got one. No message left.

Report for 1-8125140276 - 2020-01-06 812
Got the same VM. Caller ID said "800 SERVICE". I don't answer the phone unless I know the caller.

Report for 1-3512606631 - 2020-01-06 351
Called, left no message

Report for 1-3054025941 - 2020-01-06 305
Saw my phone, saw my cell, didn't recognize area code so I didn't answer. Left no message. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-5202544484 - 2020-01-06 520
Called left message saying to call back immediately to investigate SS activity. Scam!

Report for 1-9013014321 - 2020-01-06 901
So, you had someone in your household, or someone you knew who was getting this call?

Report for 1-7701040848 - 2020-01-06 770
caller id "customerservice". Robo call about credit card lowering rates. I've blocked all of these scam phone calls on my cell and house phone.

Report for 1-9166403527 - 2020-01-06 916
A couple of weeks ago got a bunch of phone calls from 8 different area codes with a recorded female voice about getting a loan. I blocked a bunch but then figured I would answer one and tell them to take me off their list. The number they used was this one. It was an unwanted call. If you press 1 they ask your name. So I said, "Give me my name and I will verify and take you off the list". We'll see if that works.

Report for 1-8123020132 - 2020-01-06 812
Called two days in a row. Fistful voicemails left asking for a relative and saying if they

Report for 1-3034858222 - 2020-01-05 303
Called my cell phone today at 3:20 p.m., no message. Thank you for the info.

Report for 1-3606018583 - 2020-01-05 360
Calls several times a day. I've picked up twice - both times they hang up after hearing my voice. Called number back and it's a recorded message saying this was a non-working number and immediately hung up on me.I called number back - line was busy. I'll see if they stop calling

Report for 1-4400682900 - 2020-01-05 440
They call every day. I always pick up. And then I hang up. That stops it.

Report for 1-9153304071 - 2020-01-05 915
Called, left no message.

Report for 1-3164485451 - 2020-01-05 316
The number is owned by Pacific Teletec Solutions, which provides telecommunication services to many of Southern California's biggest companies.

Report for 1-2533022239 - 2020-01-05 253
Called back and it asks if you want to be placed on a do not call list to press 1.

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