Report for 1-7634247737 - 2020-09-24 763
Message states that they're the IRS and that there's a warrant out for your arrest and that you should call us to avoid further trouble. SCAM. Call back gets a generic "the person you're trying to reach is unavailable now" then silence, so you hang up.

Report for 1-4073080707 - 2020-09-24 407
I called the number back. The recording said to press 1 if you want to be put on a do not call list. I did. Then it rang and someone picked up. There was no background noise like a call center but there was a female voice saying "hello." It was probably automated because I didn't say hello back to her.

Report for 1-3365107352 - 2020-09-24 336
Called about bankruptcy. Blah. Blah. Call back number 866-484-2522...blah.

Report for 1-6020160321 - 2020-09-24 602
This is the same thing, you get a voicemail and you leave the number you are calling from. Then they call right back and again leave the same voicemail. You will never get a call back from them so simply block all of these numbers.

Report for 1-8159853897 - 2020-09-24 815
Got a call from 310-555-0150, did not answer, no message left.

Report for 1-5034996360 - 2020-09-24 503
Got a call at 9pm Did not answer

Report for 1-6624206102 - 2020-09-24 662
Got this same voicemail from a Heather Sanders. I called back with my number blocked (to ensure my number wasn't blocked in their system) but the voicemail sounded like a computer-generated female voice, but none of the grammar was correct.I then called my loan institution (in person, of course). They are aware of this scam, and have issued me a refund.

Report for 1-5022956578 - 2020-09-24 502
Called and left no message. Blocked now.

Report for 1-4234355324 - 2020-09-24 423
It's probably a political call for a politician who just lost a hotly contested election. I didn't call back and I blocked the number.

Report for 1-4154566936 - 2020-09-24 415
Called me today and left no message. Caller ID says: ------------------------

Report for 1-3034769865 - 2020-09-23 303
They called again!

Report for 1-4018289854 - 2020-09-22 401
Calls at least twice daily. Never leaves a message. Calls started several days after I ordered a back brace.

Report for 1-4242180450 - 2020-09-22 424
Called at 6am. Left no vm.

Report for 1-3212145957 - 2020-09-22 321
Called and said that I owed money for an online loan from 2015. I never had a loan. I told them i had no idea what they were talking about. She called me a m-ergyn and said there was a civil suit. I said I never had a loan and there is nothing on my credit. She said that was my problem. I said i was reporting her for harassment. She said she would see me in court.

Report for 1-9706693836 - 2020-09-22 970
Called my number in the morning and left a recorded message about a case for someone not living here. Called the number and they said I owe someone money but wouldn't let me speak to an individual. I told the guy I had this number for 6 years and that if I had a debt a creditor could have sent me a letter and I would have requested for it to be documented in writing. I was just curious who the call was made for, they said it goes to a database for case number, name of person under debt, and last four of SSN. I'm not sure how to contact the next individual to advise them not to call me or any other number. Also, I did not have a call from this number in the past, just now. If the message is still there, the call was made at 6 pm that evening. It sounded like a message from the 1980's.

Report for 1-9139626683 - 2020-09-22 913
Said the IRS was filing a lawsuit

Report for 1-9163080500 - 2020-09-22 916
Received a call from this phone# on my cell phone. My cell is on the do not call list. I returned the phone call and the voicemail service identified it as scam or telemarketer name. I deleted.

Report for 1-9256864457 - 2020-09-22 925
They just called a work line and I let it go to voicemail. Don't answer unknown numbers, but they did not leave a message and got blocked.

Report for 1-7175318521 - 2020-09-22 717
Called multiple times over several days. No message.

Report for 1-2103962297 - 2020-09-22 210
Have received numerous calls from this number. Never picked up.

Report for 1-7143680818 - 2020-09-22 714
Get the same thing, "no information". Calls once/twice a day. Can't call back.

Report for 1-9076963532 - 2020-09-22 907
I get calls everyday from this number! I am on the Do Not Call list!

Report for 1-3105041399 - 2020-09-22 310
called at 8 pm did not leave message

Report for 1-3073827410 - 2020-09-22 307
What do I need to know to proceed to the next step? I am in the process of getting served papers for a summons?

Report for 1-4029166000 - 2020-09-22 402
Same thing happened here. Got a letter saying to call about a payday loan from 2012? No one ever took loan out with cash advance.

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