Report for 1-7042001930 - 2020-07-29 704
They called at 12:30

Report for 1-9091012251 - 2020-07-29 909
He asked if I was the head of a certain household.. I asked him.. what do you want?!? Then I told him.. you are not the head of the household.. you may contact another home.. I hung up..

Report for 1-2063218208 - 2020-07-29 206
Got a phone call from 714-234-5390 from an unknown number and the voicemail was left.. the lady said her name was Kelia Lawson stating my file number was 022-3267.. which the lady never said who the company was

Report for 1-3153762176 - 2020-07-29 315
They can't tell me what or who they were asking for except to call them back. No thank you.

Report for 1-8013734765 - 2020-07-29 801
It's an automated call. If you answer, and they give you a name that doesn't exist at the company name, it will tell you that it's to correct your address. Don't just answer and say it's not them, report you to your local BBB. It's for real - it's not a scam

Report for 1-4242722375 - 2020-07-29 424
I received the same type of call. Claimed to be from the IRS and said that there was a lawsuit against me. Tried to verify my social, but when I asked where he was calling from said Washington. Beware of the threats if you receive a similar call from 253-245-2033.

Report for 1-8314150425 - 2020-07-29 831

Report for 1-4242028571 - 2020-07-25 424
CALLED AT 9:10 AM AND 11:08 AM. I picked up the phone but no response. It kept going in and out. I didn't know it is even from the same number. Very strange.

Report for 1-5136416639 - 2020-07-25 513
They said that I was being sued and if I wanted to avoid that mess. I owe nothing to no one and yet they keep calling and harrassing me and threatening to charge my credit and garnishee my wages

Report for 1-2147024843 - 2020-07-25 214
Scam call

Report for 1-4048920321 - 2020-07-25 404
I just got a call from this number and didn't answer it as I didn't recognize it. They didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-7607245173 - 2020-07-25 760
No message.

Report for 1-3106214332 - 2020-07-25 310
Called, did not leave a message.

Report for 1-3104287558 - 2020-07-25 310
Got a call from "Barry" - a very polite man - but he did not mention the company's name, or the reason he was calling. I was suspicious since he didn't identify the company or "the reason for his call", but he did mention why he was calling or why he had never spoken to anyone on our number before. I told him we don't respond to numbers unknown to us, and if he had a reason why he was calling we would think it was either a wrong number or a scammer. He apologized for wasting my time and ended the call.There was no actual name, just something about a "retained solicitor"; and, if he could come to our house, I could show him a

Report for 1-2533535901 - 2020-07-25 253
This number has been called many times over the past few months. We don't answer so they leave a blank message. If its a recording they probably only want my husband to pick up. That's it. I finally just blocked them so they can no longer contact my phone.

Report for 1-8012446914 - 2020-07-25 801
Called me at 1501 MST left no message

Report for 1-2674403503 - 2020-07-25 267
I just got a call from the number, they identified

Report for 1-9105995408 - 2020-07-25 910
Same as above. I am getting these call every day. I have blocked 8 different 408 numbers, but that doesn't help. I am starting to be annoyed and fed up.

Report for 1-3032555350 - 2020-07-25 303
Called me at 6:30am. Answered after 3 rings, no response. I called back but no answer. Tried again and got no response. Called number back and it said disconnected.

Report for 1-3472356144 - 2020-07-25 347
Called but didn't leave any message. Blocked

Report for 1-2129353131 - 2020-07-25 212
i just received a call from these people i let them leave a voicemail that i was having problems reaching my phone and asked if they could call back but they did not leave one.

Report for 1-2094560667 - 2020-07-25 209
No clue who it is so I just hit answer as I have a child in bed. No voicemail left. It's probably just spoofed phone number from a scammer

Report for 1-8123276954 - 2020-07-25 812
No message.

Report for 1-8632184271 - 2020-07-25 863
This is a travel related number and someone called 3 times for over 2 answer...I answered again and a man answered and would not tell me the company. I asked if this was a bill collector for a utility company that I had had a power bill with, and the guy (not a foreigner) says OK and said he would "hurry" up and call back. When I got to work my boss explained this was a scam company calling, he has an answering service with his phone and the guy was out of line talking and threatening and my boss said, "ok, you can tell us it is a scam," He ended up telling me what the caller wanted because he was afraid I would call the police. This guy was rude and threatening and wouldn't answer any of my questions, so I called the real utility department and they don't have any records of this phone number and the company doesn't have anything in their records of me. This is a scam number and I'm glad I know now.

Report for 1-9046369785 - 2020-07-25 904
Called and hung up when I answered. No voice message.

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