Report for 1-5202658423 - 2020-10-12 520
The guy said he was calling from "bankers fund", and had a file # for me. He was asking me to give him some information to a Mr. (my guess he was supposed to have named me) but I said no. He tried to ask me to talk to another person at the same phone # to collect my info, but I told him I don't have that # for that person to call me back. He said "ok you have an emergency" I never talked to anyone. SCAM

Report for 1-2023336214 - 2020-10-12 202
Got the same call today saying a few hours ago saying my name and asked for a return call I had a lot of missed calls like the last and a few

Report for 1-2086700180 - 2020-10-12 208
I too got call from this number. How long did it take for the call to be answered? It was a recording from "Amber" saying that they were calling about an investigation of my name and ss#. When I pressed 1 they answered, asking for my name..... Then a man said hello and then when I asked "Who am I speaking with?" he hung up! What the hell do they want???? I guess some are trying to see what they can get out of us?

Report for 1-3128235371 - 2020-10-12 312
Left voice mail on cell. Student loans, I don't do loans

Report for 1-3304695405 - 2020-10-11 330
same message as above.

Report for 1-7724747390 - 2020-10-11 772
Called my cell. I've received no mail that there was a "legal actions" against me. Said he was with the U.S Treasury. No company name provided in call.

Report for 1-3174560527 - 2020-10-11 317
Same here - no message.

Report for 1-2810038070 - 2020-10-11 281

Report for 1-3479858656 - 2020-10-11 347
They called me twice today. Both times I let my voicemail pick up because I was in another room. The first time they left a voicemail asking for my son, who doesn't live here. The second time he called they were looking for someone else and said I was listed as a reference. I have to wonder what the purpose of calling my mother and telling her to tell them that they got the wrong number, if they are fishing for a list of people to harass.

Report for 1-2149200707 - 2020-10-11 214
Same caller, two or three times a day. I never answer - but, they really hate that I have to go without. I just wish our govenerment would cut them off once and for all!

Report for 1-4139333335 - 2020-10-11 413

Report for 1-2402107135 - 2020-10-11 240
Called 3x voicemail each time, no message

Report for 1-9030074972 - 2020-10-11 903
I keep receiving phone calls saying they would file a complaint against me and I needed to call them or they would call my employer. When I ask what it was about they tell me it about a payday loan over 8 yrs ago.

Report for 1-8314391809 - 2020-10-11 831
Says they are from the SSA

Report for 1-4072077598 - 2020-10-11 407
They left a voice mail stating I owed taxes. They also stated I needed a witness who would be able to sign for me. If I did not contact them they would come to my house and arrest me. Gave me a case number and said they were with the irs tax evasion.

Report for 1-6670330527 - 2020-10-11 667
It's not a spam call, it's a car warranty company

Report for 1-2624370297 - 2020-10-10 262
call from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It sounded like a recording, started with "We are calling you from the Federal Government". I immediately hung up.

Report for 1-5072158177 - 2020-10-10 507
These guys are idiots as well. They call my work number over and over and over and do not leave a message.

Report for 1-4129523950 - 2020-10-10 412
This number keeps calling my cell no less than 20 times a day. No VM.

Report for 1-5401283193 - 2020-10-10 540
I am on the do not call registry but continue to get unwanted calls.

Report for 1-8312422913 - 2020-10-10 831
Received calls from 408-262-3252 this past couple weeks. Each time a new voicemail had been left with a number and I could still tell by the voicemail the numbers were different. The first few calls were a male saying that I had to call within the same day (which I didn't) so I could avoid "the charges against me". The second call (I decided to talk to) came through as "not in coverage" and the third call came through with the same voicemail. I decided to call and see what this was about. When I called a male answered and stated, "Legal Support Services." As I was reading this message I was surprised to find out this is a collection agency that's been in business since 2006. I went through the entire experience and asked what company this was he said, "No you dont." He then asked me, "What about is this? It's not even a loan you're being charged for." I told him, "It's the debt because I haven't received paperwork confirming I owe and they haven't sent me anything for it." He replied, "Yes." I said, "Well I'm not sure what you're referring to but since you've been calling me and I've never seen any paperwork and you've never emailed me anything I have no idea what charges or whatever you're talking about. Are you the one who is making false charges or are you some other person calling me?" And he was like, "No I'll have to ask them for paperwork because I was unable to reach someone." That's when I told him you could reach someone because I called the number that showed up on the voicemail and you're not even getting the person who's name the voicemail says, the name. And he was like, "No no no no you cannot!" And hung up. I did call the next day, got another guy, told him the information I had found about the collection but he immediately stated, "This is ridiculous. I will look into this." I started to tell him I did not call the number that had called me. He hung up on me. I called back, the same guy answered, asked again what company this was again. He said, "Legal Support Services. I can hear your voice, who are you?" I said I had no idea who the person was he was calling about but I wanted a mailing address so I could have the person I was speaking to contact them

Report for 1-4175220186 - 2020-10-10 417
Called my cell. I do not answer calls from unknown or unfamiliar numbers. And they did not leave a message. So, I blocked this number on my cell.

Report for 1-9254005047 - 2020-10-10 925
This is a scam call. It is an automated robo-call stating that a warrant will be issued if you do not call back in 24 hours due to a tax fraud. A real call would at least state the office address or something.

Report for 1-7047122170 - 2020-10-10 704
Called me 3 times in 3 hours...the 2nd time I picked up and they hung up before I could tell them to take me off their call list!

Report for 1-6062000022 - 2020-10-10 606
1-800-929-6083- I have the same story with me.

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