Report for 1-7149265059 - 2020-03-29 714
received a call from this number and no message was left. Since it was a call my kids took, I decided to call back. A guy answered and asked to speak to my child who is under age 15 so I asked to have my number taken off the list. The guy said no problem, but if you still want to speak with me, just call me at a better number. Now they will no longer answer calls. Very strange, but probably a legit caller.

Report for 1-7378669959 - 2020-03-29 737
Just got a call from this number. I ignored it.

Report for 1-5155083774 - 2020-03-29 515
This # keeps calling every day no msg left.

Report for 1-2156863070 - 2020-03-29 215
Called my mobile. No message. I'm blocking.

Report for 1-2242529591 - 2020-03-29 224
This number has been calling my cell phone since 9/13/10 and continues to call daily. They have been asked to remove this and yet they hang up to not give up. I have no idea who this person is or what they want. I would appreciate if this number stopped calling my phone.

Report for 1-8456600077 - 2020-03-29 845
I have gotten the same call. Michelle is just a recording and the first time I called they had a different person to ask questions. Now they called back to resubmit my resume. Don't fall for this scam people. I was very scared when I got the call on my cell phone because i had just applied for scholarships online and I never finish an application.

Report for 1-9181471683 - 2020-03-29 918
This is a scammer who seems to be based in India and Pakistan. It is also being used by other scammers. Block this number and any numbers they use.

Report for 1-3472798850 - 2020-03-29 347
Called at 8:30 PM left no message. When I called back there was a busy signal

Report for 1-9105355511 - 2020-03-29 910
Scam Scam Scam they are scammer , scammer they said that if I dont show up at the court house

Report for 1-2816170787 - 2020-03-29 281
Received call today, did not answer.

Report for 1-8083238330 - 2020-03-29 808
I received a call from someone stating there was a complaint against me, my SSN and driver's license would be suspended. These people need to be stopped.

Report for 1-8452901580 - 2020-03-29 845
i got the same txt msg. it said that i won 1000.00 prize just ask the toll free # .its spam. i am going to report to authorities.

Report for 1-2312242033 - 2020-03-29 231
called my cell phone at 7:45 am. I did not answer and they hung up.

Report for 1-8124129169 - 2020-03-29 812
Called @ 3:57PM. Did not leave a message.

Report for 1-7049728015 - 2020-03-29 704
Just received call from this number. I never answer numbers I don't know or anyone that I am not familiar with. I'm guessing this scammer is spamming numbers that are registered with the do not call registry as well. Thanks for helping everyone know who it is, they are going to have to do something else!

Report for 1-8123279413 - 2020-03-29 812
Keep getting calls at our home from this number. No message is ever left.

Report for 1-8142438346 - 2020-03-29 814
I get a call from this # daily around 4pm Eastern, its automated and has various times of the day, i called back to try and ask to not be called, but the line just hangs up on you the customer

Report for 1-8123501746 - 2020-03-29 812
Just received a phone call saying the call was from the U.S. legal claims dept and I had been certified for custody, trial and was a lady reading a script and then she said to press # for operator.I did not know what to do next so I called back, got dead air (no operator was available until I finished my 3 minute spiel with her) for another 3 minutes then it rang and rang then finally someone picked up then said it was Legal Support.I had a call about a month ago but I blocked them and the calls dropped off.Now this again I am hearing it is a scam.

Report for 1-7634028728 - 2020-03-29 763
When people call from this number they say its about a survey.

Report for 1-2128504962 - 2020-03-28 212
Another robo caller wanting to lower your interest rate.

Report for 1-2063099950 - 2020-03-28 206
they call and hang up , i dont know who they are

Report for 1-7404814202 - 2020-03-28 740
Called and left a voicemail about a loan I did not take out. Scammer!!!

Report for 1-9315281992 - 2020-03-28 931
Caller asked if I was Mr or Mrs ______ (my last name). When I responded she said "is ___ ______ there" and then said nothing more.

Report for 1-4109297739 - 2020-03-28 410
Received a call from 800-821-0500. My CallerID showed 800-821-0500, and it is an AT&T number. I don't know why they called, as they are not listed as an AT&T customer number in our area.

Report for 1-2064515835 - 2020-03-28 206
I don't know who the called because they didn't leave a message. But I heard that the same company called my husband today, and the message was for someone else. We don't know that person.

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