Report for 1-2810054070 - 2020-04-01 281
Another robo call. "Hi this is Rachel from credit card services... You are eligible to lower your interest rate to as low as 6.9%...." It's an obvious scam, your interest rate is NOT LOW ENOUGH, it's only 1.75%. When I challenged them on who they were in the US, they hung up on me. This is so obvious a scam it's stupid. So fed up with these type of spam robo calls. I wonder what they see on these types of sites that never answers their questions and only give their reports, "Call Now". Blocked them!

Report for 1-3126355476 - 2020-04-01 312
These dang scammers are so dumb they will ask for my 16 year old little brother's name, I get like five calls a day from these people when it is obvious nobody lives there by the number they are calling. Guess they have a job to do calling people on the do not call list.

Report for 1-8508056856 - 2020-03-31 850
I just got a call from these scammers to. It was about my iinternet and a warrant will be put out for my arrest. I don't own any bank accounts with them and they said the name of my family member in arrest. The were claiming to be IRS. I'm in a totally different timezone. Very fishy and a scam for sure. I was just so annoyed. I was gonna call back to mess with them but I'm so tired of these people calling me.

Report for 1-2482327341 - 2020-03-31 248
i receive calls from this # twice a day and it's so frustrating.

Report for 1-5099215777 - 2020-03-31 509
This is not a sales call. This is a scam that is trying to get you to sign up for some type of auto-insurance on an expired vehicle. Just ignore it.

Report for 1-9161968831 - 2020-03-31 916
Called my cell phone. Searched elsewhere said it was a survey. Blocked.

Report for 1-7039288098 - 2020-03-31 703
I think it is a scammer, If it would have just been a real person instead of an automated message, they would have asked where I work or my name. I would have replied "It looks like you think I'm a scammer, so stop calling". No one should call a number back but family or friends, so it does not have to be a number if it is legit, When I called back, the number was disconnected.

Report for 1-9193981010 - 2020-03-31 919
My son got a call from one of these numbers telling him that he owed a payday loan with a company called American Cash in the amount of $7,000 but he could put $100 dollars on a prepaid card to take care of the $7,000. They also did not tell him they would have to take his Social Security Number. I tried to call the company who he supposedly took the money from and they wouldn't say anything about these charges and told me the company is located in another state. There was a charge online for $7,000 but with different phone numbers, so beware. I reported this to the State attorney Generals' hotline number which is (800) 637-7171.

Report for 1-6674356798 - 2020-03-31 667
It keeps calling and when I answer no one is on the other line

Report for 1-3366274022 - 2020-03-31 336
Call the cell phone. Make a note of the number and say you have to take it to court. If that is the case you may be able to sue, which is a lot easier in my opinion than putting up with these calls, even from numbers u would know. If you have good legal representation you will probably get something for that $.

Report for 1-2318322941 - 2020-03-31 231
Texted me about a relative to contact immediately regarding "a legal document". Never any identifying info.

Report for 1-2481026020 - 2020-03-31 248
Called claiming I have a credit card debt, which I do not. I told them I would report this number to the Attorney Gen of my State, and

Report for 1-7172203844 - 2020-03-31 717
Called. I didn't answer then looked here and found your posts.

Report for 1-4256465444 - 2020-03-31 425
Called and no message left

Report for 1-9165633334 - 2020-03-31 916
Got a call from (206)462-6010 on my cell at 7:18am. No message.

Report for 1-7187350121 - 2020-03-31 718
Yes I keep getting the same text as everyone else, it said "

Report for 1-7703756394 - 2020-03-31 770
They are really trying to trick you into believing they are your doctor or nurse. Get your bill written out and send them a letter. The number on the phone is a scam so please don't let them have your social security number.

Report for 1-2128504962 - 2020-03-31 212
calls, leaves no message. Blocked.

Report for 1-8056848780 - 2020-03-31 805
Left threating messages for a relative. Said he was calling a local court to serve them. Said he was with the county courts in Texas and would call them directly. No court in Texas or Arizona has a 619-213-xxxx number. This number is bogus as well.

Report for 1-2069310963 - 2020-03-31 206
Another telemarketer, didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-4075456413 - 2020-03-31 407
Just called my cell (listed private by the way) and left no message. I never answer a number I don't recognize or they can leave a message.

Report for 1-4018915708 - 2020-03-31 401
I answered and no one was there.

Report for 1-2083383262 - 2020-03-31 208
They called my cell. I didn't answer and they didn't leave voicemail.

Report for 1-3018829941 - 2020-03-31 301
I answered the phone but no one was anywhere on the line. This is the 2nd time I have gotten this call. I blocked this number.

Report for 1-5511022015 - 2020-03-31 551
Called my Cell number on 3/27/15, no one answered after I said hello 6 times. Called today, Sunday, 1:25 PM. Left message from Officer "Mike Davis" from FBI and I should call back. I don't know anyone from that state.

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