Report for 1-7342745271 - 2020-08-28 734
They called 2 or 3 times today but I have it blocked

Report for 1-6053363890 - 2020-08-28 605
This is a debt collector. I got this call from this number. They were trying to get info from me because a relative was a past employee of my employer and then the woman on the phone was trying to get info from me about the past employees info. These folks are crazy and I can't believe their tactics would work. It's a shame they have to resort to such tactics to get a "debt" payment right.

Report for 1-2402006005 - 2020-08-28 240
They call me several times but there is nothing but silence. They hang up after 10-14 seconds. They just called me again!!! WTF?!?!?

Report for 1-5742560710 - 2020-08-28 574
Same here - called cell phone, did not answer - no message left.

Report for 1-5416663002 - 2020-08-28 541
Called, left message saying if I didn't return call I would be arrested. Total BS.

Report for 1-4242180450 - 2020-08-28 424
Said they were in Washington. Caller asked for my husband and said something along the lines of he was from the Washington Nationals and would he like to donate to the children.

Report for 1-3303537686 - 2020-08-28 330
I just got that! That's why they try to trick you into paying money you don't owe! They will give you numbers and try to convince you!

Report for 1-9076963532 - 2020-08-26 907
Called in evening. Left automated message about an IRS law suit was pending. Scam.

Report for 1-2133750990 - 2020-08-25 213
Called my phone and said they had a pending case against me and if I didn't respond I could find someone else to take care of my "problem" without me. I called them back and said I'm not the person they asked for and they hung up on me. When I called again the "supervisor" called right back after I asked him what the "problem was" was. I told him to go to where ever the hell he was calling from and I was going to sue for harrasment and hung up again. Definitely a SCAM!!

Report for 1-2169256871 - 2020-08-25 216
Just called I was expecting a call from someone else so I answered no one was on the other end. Hung up and blocked.

Report for 1-4072077598 - 2020-08-23 407
I don't like answering their calls. I put my phone on the phone with the tv. The person who always answers speaks English, and then when they want to speak to me, i just say, "Who is this?". They hang up after that. I guess i need to do this about all these kind of calls... They call constantly! This person is getting on my nerves! I even spoke to the Attorney General about them. They continue to call and no matter what i say, they just get angrier.

Report for 1-2482920413 - 2020-08-23 248
This is a common ploy by criminals masquerading as debt collectors who

Report for 1-2028369585 - 2020-08-23 202
Just checked my voice mail and a telemarketer left this message:If you hear this number on your caller ID, it may be an advertisement that has been called you.

Report for 1-9519909323 - 2020-08-23 951
My office has been called several times by these people, as well! They leave messages stating they will call my office and they will call my references to get ahold of me. They are trying to frighten me into paying money that I owe! This needs to stop

Report for 1-4157566486 - 2020-08-23 415
I got the same text as everyone else as of just received.

Report for 1-8162775444 - 2020-08-23 816
Got the same exact call tonight. They said my house would be monitored and my credit card would be charged $300.00. I hung up and will block them from calling again.

Report for 1-8036315415 - 2020-08-23 803
I get calls from them for several weeks, then they stop for a

Report for 1-6573689969 - 2020-08-23 657
I got it as well. I didn't answer as it said it was from a "Visa" number.

Report for 1-2133704901 - 2020-08-23 213
They call every once in awhile. Never a message.

Report for 1-9289114621 - 2020-08-23 928
Called cell..left no msg

Report for 1-2191017100 - 2020-08-23 219
I have had a call from this # twice but no message.

Report for 1-2083803316 - 2020-08-23 208
It shows up as KWN on my caller ID. They hang up when I answer

Report for 1-7277254121 - 2020-08-23 727
Received a call from this telephone number. No message was left. This is a spoof call. Spoof calls use a real telephone number, that really exists, and the name is pre-recorded using a computer.

Report for 1-9169153824 - 2020-08-23 916
Same message as all of the posts above and I will be arrested ...

Report for 1-2146889721 - 2020-08-23 214
Unknown number, no message

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