Report for 1-2130078347 - 2020-04-18 213
A company has called three times saying I applied for a payday loan 3 years ago and I need to have the papers sent to me for a payday loan I have never heard of. They said their is a civil complaint and if I did not pay it today they would take me to court. They have all my personal information. I have spoken to a lawyer and will take action if they call again.

Report for 1-8184122146 - 2020-04-18 818
I have had a call from this number and have hung up on them, when I call back I get the recording that I am the 17th caller and this will be recorded.

Report for 1-2014905414 - 2020-04-18 201
This # came up on caller ID as "scam likely", I have also received a call from this scammer on other #s. This one, 571-210-8686 and 281-580-0778. Scammers

Report for 1-7144090304 - 2020-04-18 714

Report for 1-7146624959 - 2020-04-18 714
Called my cell phone, left no message, but I'm pretty sure I have seen this number a few times over the last several days. (The last had been today.)

Report for 1-4061104058 - 2020-04-18 406
they keep bugging me...they have called me twice in one day, and my dad in the middle of school in the afternoon...they are annoying as fk....

Report for 1-2565009634 - 2020-04-18 256
Another robo call, just a bunch of scamming criminals running a scam.

Report for 1-9134415010 - 2020-04-18 913
Called today and when I answered it was recording. I called back, heard recording that the number was not in service.

Report for 1-7173327193 - 2020-04-18 717
You can block their number by going into your Comcast internet menu, setting your phone to not be able to call you. So if you call them back, they will automatically hang up on you and leave it like the picture..they wont leave a message like most people do. But still if they keep calling..addding to the block list and your good to go on

Report for 1-5137129917 - 2020-04-18 513
They kept calling but I didn't pick up because I didn't recognize the number. I decided to call this # back and got a recording that said it was an undisclosed call center, I hung up not letting the recording continue on.

Report for 1-8123368726 - 2020-04-18 812
Called left no message.

Report for 1-7758529127 - 2020-04-18 775
This is a call from an abusive person. If you do not give them money they will do something to your car and if you are involved in some kind of accident. They have been known to call you family to give you a reason not to be cooperative with them. A scam. I just hang up. Just block it.

Report for 1-6192513633 - 2020-04-18 619
So we had a couple of these same calls, all the same lady, no accents, just to call this 847 number back and give it a name of who they were looking for. Lets say the person was Elizabeth. I ask them where they where calling from. She didn't give me a straight answer and i kept asking. I wanted her name, the company she was calling from and her phone number. She finally gave me some bogus number and I told her my boyfriends name and told her to just send the information in the mail. She then said she had a personal business matter and asked that it was an urgent legal matter. I said no i don't give personal information out and i need it in writing. At this point she said well i have proof that I hav a case and if you don't give me your personal info in writing and I have your address then we will be in for a mess. I said I'm not giving that out over the phone, my boyfriend and I were at a hospital for a serious accident and not to ever contact my family again. So again they get a bit belligerent and said we need to settle the matter. I said we will see you in court, no you don't. He says well I said so im looking to come by your house in the morning and I will tie up ur lines while u are there. LMAO. I said well if I was coming by your house wouldnt I see your license plates and signs that say private residence. They can be very convincing. You can't be in a legal suit for personal business. I told her if she calls again I will call the better business bureau and report them. These ppl do suck balls. They really scared me when they said I needed to pay and have my credit cards ready and that I had 30 minutes. If you are going 2 have a process serve you they have your address and they can go to your house if they do the process server just shows up. I just don't want to have to deal with them. I really don't have any money to give them, but they threatened me, I'm waiting to see how they take me and my family.

Report for 1-3202075484 - 2020-04-18 320
I'm getting tired of phone calls on my private line from a fund raising center.... I am on a do not call list... They don't get it... What do I do??

Report for 1-9712264039 - 2020-04-18 971
This number called twice in a row and does not left a message.

Report for 1-9138813740 - 2020-04-18 913
Got a phone from this number. I did not pick up, it

Report for 1-2016420557 - 2020-04-18 201
Got a call from this number and a recording played saying "this number has been disconnected" I suspect this number is being spoofed by a scammer calling from a call center in India.

Report for 1-7067246566 - 2020-04-18 706
Received 2 calls on Monday, Sept 24th at 5:30pm and 8:00pm both same person, "Mrs. Clark," calling about an unsecured debt with a company I have never heard of, I never asked for any information about this unsecured debt. She keeps calling even after I informed her I would not pay until I knew what company she was talking about. I don't give out my SSN over the phone or over the internet.

Report for 1-4157995900 - 2020-04-17 415
I got a voice mail from this number. I called back and talked to someone that sounded Asian and it was a debt that was 9 years old. He would not give me any information. He read my social security number over the phone. All in all I have nothing to worry about and this is a scam!!.

Report for 1-3043563192 - 2020-04-17 304
They called my number twice within a

Report for 1-8175665184 - 2020-04-17 817
My mom just got the call this number, I'm curious how they got her number. I didn't answer.

Report for 1-9163940030 - 2020-04-17 916
I am blocking the caller

Report for 1-3174743301 - 2020-04-17 317
"Hello, this is Nancy - with student loan advisory board. I just need your answer to the recent change in the laws that have come into effect. Can you hear me?" Gee I wonder if calling a friend just might get their number put on the "list". Blow a whistle into the phone....not that I could do much about that.

Report for 1-3603883101 - 2020-04-17 360
This number calls several times a day. I have them blocked, but they still call.

Report for 1-6314049718 - 2020-04-17 631
Received a call today from this number today. It just hangs up on me with no message.

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