Report for 1-3462411738 - 2019-12-17 346
Same as many above, caller ID shows a non-fixed voip number as well as a 617-400-5939 in Washington State. Left a message. Blocked both calls. Do not call list is a joke.

Report for 1-8123807412 - 2019-12-17 812
Called my cell. CID said "Not Assigned". Let the phone ring about three times. Caller hung up w/o leaving a message. Caller ID showed "CASSOCOFOFFICERAL".

Report for 1-4072150369 - 2019-12-17 407
They stated they were from Social Security and my SSN was used in the act of money laundering and drug trafficking. The number came up as a Texas prefix, but when I called back it states the number is disconnected. I am on the do not call registry and they said that it is not illegal to call me. SCAM!

Report for 1-3510004872 - 2019-12-17 351
The "do not call list" is a total joke that we Americans have taken to giving out names and phone numbers. They know they will never stop these calls. I have been on the do not call list for years and have reported every single call to the national do not call list website. I still get them but it is now more realistic than before when I get these calls daily. Some companies have stopped selling my number on the do not call web site. I keep blocking

Report for 1-4789343919 - 2019-12-17 478
Same message, I called back and they hung up when I asked what did they want

Report for 1-3054344535 - 2019-12-17 305
No message left. I called back the number and they said they were United Health Care I believe. It's not the only number I've been scammed by using United Health Care. I've made a formal complaint with United health care.

Report for 1-8430612110 - 2019-12-17 843
I received a call from someone named Steven Williams at this number looking for some name I could not understand. He says if I didn't call him back by 5pm, he would call the neighbors and try to serve me with papers. I haven't lived in the same State for 11 years, so obviously had no idea who he was looking for

Report for 1-7604337212 - 2019-12-17 760
Don't you have caller ID? Why don't you just go and leave a message. I'll get right on that

Report for 1-8124493118 - 2019-12-17 812
I am confused. I have 2 bank account with Wells FAr and I wonder if you have two accounts with them?

Report for 1-2174049192 - 2019-12-17 217

Report for 1-7042636340 - 2019-12-17 704
Re: SSN Scam:The problem is not just with scammers making these calls. It's with people who purchase inopportunely lists from those scammers. Once they buy into the scam, they either see their money refunded (always by a scammer) or they end up in the scammer's wallet. The list is sold again and again. These types of scams are probably not even a real thing, since they buy inopportune lists from those who have just subscribed to subscribe to sell them.

Report for 1-8634650130 - 2019-12-17 863
Rude, loud obnoxious lady called, asking for me "I'm at work how can I help you." and she goes, "why are you calling? is all that matters. I hung up.

Report for 1-3602547283 - 2019-12-17 360
called 5/21/13 12:26pm pst, caller ID was number, if I have no idea who they are, no message left.

Report for 1-7089462208 - 2019-12-17 708
Same scenario a week ago.

Report for 1-3029669758 - 2019-12-17 302
The caller is a robo call from "Sarah Palin" I just let it ask me to press 1 for a million dollar prize and press 2 for not interested.

Report for 1-7403747601 - 2019-12-17 740
I keep getting these calls and they hang up without saying anything.

Report for 1-5036686033 - 2019-12-17 503
Unrecognized number. Blocked.

Report for 1-7656436905 - 2019-12-16 765
It's a scammer using spoof number. I have recieved phone call for the same person. I never answer but you try to call back and it says you're not a working number or there is no answering service you can use. This is a scam caller

Report for 1-2544884545 - 2019-12-16 254
Scam do not call these people back they are spoofing the number from an IRS office and claiming you are in trouble with the irs. They tried the "Law enforcement" stuff like they do with the real IRS. Also they have call blocking and they still get thru!

Report for 1-5132343014 - 2019-12-16 513
Same as above. I reported it also on and the FTC Do Not Call website.

Report for 1-6462508616 - 2019-12-16 646
Asked for

Report for 1-9043863600 - 2019-12-16 904
I just called the "scammer" back and told him the call was being recorded. He hung up.

Report for 1-7322842081 - 2019-12-16 732
Did not answer because I did not know who this number is, call came in at 10am did not know. No message left. I don't know anyone in this area code. Most likely a scammer.

Report for 1-6363062503 - 2019-12-16 636
Call received on landline on 4/19/18 at 10:40am. Caller left no message. Due to the previous reports here, I block all calls not in my contact list. If they are legit, they will leave a message and I'll consider them legitimate when I'm ready to respond to the call.

Report for 1-4075544456 - 2019-12-16 407
This number is calling and says a suit will be filed against me.

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