Report for 1-2183915792 - 2020-06-27 218
Caller ID said "Unknown name". They did not leave a message, The CID was still " Unknown". .

Report for 1-9517847578 - 2020-06-27 951
This is a spam call.

Report for 1-2102885688 - 2020-06-27 210
I just got this in the mail.I looked up the # but couldn't get any answers (if you are in the USA you can just Google the # and find all these things). I have gotten phone calls and letters from collection agencies but all they are is scams. The government won't do anything unless I have enough I will just be getting another job lolI did research on an app for my ios that blocked these calls. If you have it go to the App Store and search for appblock. I found this site and it works!

Report for 1-2694656451 - 2020-06-27 269
Called to say I was wanted for heroin trafficking and would be deported. When I asked for more information they hung up.

Report for 1-5612319223 - 2020-06-27 561
Same as others--a recorded call claiming me and my home and all/everything is going to be taken away unless I return the call

Report for 1-6108257128 - 2020-06-27 610
Message left is "I'll take you down a chain of corrupt government officials working in your home state and ask you to turn yourself into the nearest (insert name here). Please pass to the local attorney general." SCAMMER

Report for 1-9842219935 - 2020-06-26 984
Keep calling to my business line leaving a recording for someone else- no information as to who they are looking for, just a number to call back, obviously a credit card scam and very annoying.

Report for 1-4582122106 - 2020-06-26 458
I did call and a recorded message gave me an 866 number to call. I waited on hold for a few minutes and then some Indian guy answered. I asked him to remove my number from his call list. He said he would and that my number would be removed.

Report for 1-7701207996 - 2020-06-26 770
They called left voicemail for auto accident. SCAM. I will file in state attorney general for harassment

Report for 1-2147787985 - 2020-06-26 214
Just called my mobile at 10:15 A.M. (EST). I didn't answer, they left no voice mail. Number is now blocked. Thank you all for your comments - I, too, just received this call -- it's annoying...

Report for 1-5417524132 - 2020-06-26 541
Called, left no message

Report for 1-7242759970 - 2020-06-26 724
they called me, did not leave a message. I called the number after blocking it and a guy with no sense of urgency that if I was calling from my home about a medical thing he needed to know that far ahead

Report for 1-8042349036 - 2020-06-26 804
Keep calling my cell. They leave a blank message with no message that say 'Please hold for next available member...blah blah blah' I called back this morning with some questions ans nothing. I was then transferred to another rep & she just hung up on me. I then got a phone call from a very rude sales rep who hung up as soon as I asked to be removed from their calling list.

Report for 1-8144102244 - 2020-06-26 814
called the number...a recording said they would be in a recording for me...i hung up

Report for 1-2032848334 - 2020-06-26 203
They left a voicemail saying, "This is the national center for disease control. You are a pro at being identified on the do not call list. Press 1 to take your number off of the do not call list." No name mentioned of the company I was suppose to have submitted a complaint to. Blocked and deleted!

Report for 1-7023525041 - 2020-06-26 702
Rang 3 times, no msg, blocked now!

Report for 1-2078059490 - 2020-06-26 207
No Msg. blocked call. Caller ID: Unassigned

Report for 1-3037476929 - 2020-06-26 303
A new number for us:

Report for 1-3232188684 - 2020-06-26 323
same story - i had no time to play games so just hung up on them - my first day of work with that job - wow!

Report for 1-7188296770 - 2020-06-26 718
Called again and left a message. No identification other than to leave a message... Blocked.

Report for 1-6019391417 - 2020-06-26 601
Recd a call from this number a short time ago. I'm in the Philly, PA area so I didn't answer. No message left.

Report for 1-2525574481 - 2020-06-26 252
This just happened to my hub and said it's about my credit card, which I do not have credit for them to talk about.

Report for 1-2546328596 - 2020-06-26 254
i do not have anything under that name yet i received this call today, what can be done about this?

Report for 1-2604736010 - 2020-06-26 260
I recently registered my number with the NO Call List and I believe I will have to change my number again before they give up.

Report for 1-3035005433 - 2020-06-26 303
They called 5 times and they didn't leave a messagenumber

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