Report for 1-7274207071 - 2019-12-24 727
Got an unwanted call from this number. No voice message was left.

Report for 1-4123685027 - 2019-12-24 412
I have had three calls since May 23. I have told google to remove our number. This is a huge scam

Report for 1-6084883133 - 2019-12-24 608
Threatening tax matter, this is a scam, IRS doesn't make phone calls.

Report for 1-3474921868 - 2019-12-24 347
They called, I answered, and they hung up

Report for 1-4025903505 - 2019-12-24 402
This is a spam number. They have called me 3 times in 5 minutes and I answered the 2nd to see what is up with this number. I have no idea what is going on. The 1st 2 times they said they are calling because i need help with my job that i have done wrong. The 3rd time they have said i need to call this number 1-888-

Report for 1-7854439001 - 2019-12-24 785
called left no message. I called back and they said I won a cruise for a 2 hour cruise for 2. I hung up.

Report for 1-9492200690 - 2019-12-24 949
This number called and left a blank voicemail.

Report for 1-6315840021 - 2019-12-24 631
We've gotten three calls from this number today. I answered it the first time, and no answer. I called the number back and went through the menu, got "you're not in your area. We're in other areas." So we went and they said they were from the Department of Treasury and it was due to a payment you or your husband made 3 days ago. It was for $50 from my husband, and I gave them some information, and this is where it got interesting. I was talking to my wife who at this time is sitting next to me and we were just talking about some things, and he tried all kinds of tricks but I refused to provide him any info. Said she was from IRS and I would be taken to court. I told him I did not know there was anyone out there in the area that we did not know. He then turned very nasty and told that was not fair to deny my information and then hang up. I've just ignored them and they've left a voicemail each time. It's a little unsettling that they seem

Report for 1-9032133539 - 2019-12-24 903
Caller id had 678-972-0516. Call back number of 888-206-4713. Just got a message from a man with a heavy foreign accent, trying to sound like a telemarketer, and said it was regarding a financial matter, and that he had a file number. The call was to my brother in law who lives in Idaho, and has never lived in the state he lists as a residence. He also warned my brother in law, not to disregard the message.

Report for 1-7166313100 - 2019-12-24 716
Called at 8:55pm! Left no message.

Report for 1-2025966520 - 2019-12-24 202
No message

Report for 1-3014246231 - 2019-12-24 301
I have had this number call me 4 times today and I called back one time after all 3 times they kept hanging up on me I finally got a hold of someone and told them I would report them to the FBI this is going on now they call me from another number 914-999-0173

Report for 1-7401007020 - 2019-12-24 740
It would be a good start, as I am in school. I wouldn't call it a scam. They know my name and address, and they try to keep me on the line. I think it would help people to leave notes in it, as there are so many scammers, if they all call you from the same number. Thanks.

Report for 1-2138141484 - 2019-12-24 213
No one there. Probably the robocall that's been calling me daily for over a week.

Report for 1-7751472287 - 2019-12-24 775
Called my cell and did not leave a message. I called back and I got a message saying the call could not be completed as dialed.

Report for 1-4017386324 - 2019-12-24 401
Received a call from someone name "Jason" saying they want to refund money I paid. I never pay for a refund. I never got refund either. I said I'm not paying so they have decided not to refund and he was very rude and said he was going to put a hold on their money since I was refusing to comply. I blocked their number and said don't ever call this number again.

Report for 1-8182373802 - 2019-12-24 818
Google scam with threat of loss of listing.

Report for 1-7727773091 - 2019-12-24 772
I just received the same message. Blocking the number.

Report for 1-3611035440 - 2019-12-24 361
Missed call. No msg.

Report for 1-2607001079 - 2019-12-24 260
Called at 8:50pm and did not leave a message.

Report for 1-3473051237 - 2019-12-24 347
I get these calls everyday, sometimes two or three times a day. I am so sick of them, I just got a new phone and they called and hung up. I need to find out how to stop these annoying calls. It is a terrible distraction and aggravating

Report for 1-2092729105 - 2019-12-24 209
just calls and hangs up. left no messages

Report for 1-2106105237 - 2019-12-24 210
They called my husband said that they would do a physical and serve him at work and that i was going to be arrested today they also gave the name of a family member that hasn't even been in this county in 20 years my husband freaked out when he was told that he lived in a different county

Report for 1-9854390419 - 2019-12-23 985
1-800-331-0671This is the number that called me.

Report for 1-6153886295 - 2019-12-23 615
CID was WCF but no message left. I have no idea who it was, but this is

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