Report for 1-2172412212 - 2020-09-10 217
"Call is wanted from Social Services ..." I work for the state and our local SSA folks do not send their people into your town and bother you or your family with their phone calls. I believe this is a scam call.

Report for 1-2077295465 - 2020-09-10 207
Said they were sending the police to my house or work and I would go to jail if I didnt clear up a debt...they said they were the financial arm of the federal agency....I have NO idea who they are but I am reporting them.

Report for 1-3143105152 - 2020-09-09 314
Received a call from this number. I was going to call back if it was important. Glad I saw these other responses and blocked the number.

Report for 1-9182431060 - 2020-09-08 918
Same story, just called, no one there. They called on my cell which has a non published number.

Report for 1-3046058312 - 2020-09-08 304
The caller says they are from the health department and the caller has a heavy accent then hangs up on me

Report for 1-7049683928 - 2020-09-08 704
Receiving call from 866 401 0936. This time I picked up and it was silent on the other line. Then I heard someone picking up and they quickly hang up. Annoying.

Report for 1-7347282364 - 2020-09-08 734
Unwanted repeat caller. Never leave message for any reason. Never pick up.

Report for 1-8153809515 - 2020-09-08 815
Same here. Calls no message left.

Report for 1-6782283428 - 2020-09-08 678
Got two calls from (407)621-6160 but left no message when answerd both calls.

Report for 1-4236697720 - 2020-09-08 423
Called twice in a row and left no message.

Report for 1-4105714227 - 2020-09-08 410
Called no message

Report for 1-4044006193 - 2020-09-08 404
I received a message this morning from this number. The same message as above from "Michael Davis" with an accent: "This is for *****. I need to verify your address, so that we may send you a final notice of the tax penalty we are going to file. If we don't receive payment by the end of the day, we will be forced to proceed with a lawsuit. I would need you to contact me as soon as possible. It is 6:45 pm Central time. I will be here in my office until 8:30 pm." It's a bunch of BS and a scam. The IRS will NEVER call or write, they will NEVER threaten by phone, they will NEVER e-mail, they will NEVER by Fax. They don't take NO for an answer. Also, I have NEVER received anything in the mail - I am current and my accountant checks everything. They think they are soooo smart. LOL. I am not calling them back and I encourage everyone else here to do the same. The number he left was 605-413-6789

Report for 1-9315376879 - 2020-09-07 931
Call saying they are IRS agent

Report for 1-3855927606 - 2020-09-07 385
These clowns continue to spoof numbers

Report for 1-8123887120 - 2020-09-07 812
Had a message from 909-228-9074. Said he was Steve Martin. Said there was a legal suit against me. Gave a name of a person I knew years ago. Also called a nephew of 2 years . Then tried saying I had the last 4 of my social. I didn't give it to them , just called the 866# and they told me it had already been reported.

Report for 1-4230209611 - 2020-09-07 423
This call was for my sister. They asked for her and she has never lived at my address or place, or even had my phone number. They said they were processing civil court papers for civil action. I had to put a block on my phone so it wouldn't ring and only show the blocked number. I called the number back and the operator would not let me speak to the person that I was calling. After several minutes of trying I eventually got the number to a voice machine

Report for 1-2156349736 - 2020-09-07 215
Called at 1:46 AM!!!!

Report for 1-5012381179 - 2020-09-07 501
The IRS will NEVER call. They will only notify through the mail...

Report for 1-3054400540 - 2020-09-07 305
Called, left no message

Report for 1-2028283501 - 2020-09-06 202
American Red Cross

Report for 1-4234355324 - 2020-09-06 423
Cards that I dont have. They called again in the evening.

Report for 1-4062192104 - 2020-09-05 406
I got the same call. It was a woman, so I asked to have the # removed from their list. She gave me info on why they were calling me, "This is Chase Bank." "There is a balance on my credit card." What is a Chase Card, anyway? I said I had no idea. She said, "We called because..." and I said I'm not giving out my

Report for 1-9104522166 - 2020-09-05 910
i get calls from this number at all times of the day....

Report for 1-4018289854 - 2020-09-05 401
Just got a call from this number. I knew it could not be real as he claimed that he already spoke to me yesterday. And I already knew from the start that this is not real, so I just hung up on him. But it is a sick scam but its going around, so I hope that they get caught as soon as they can because they are definitely hurting a lot of people.

Report for 1-2086700180 - 2020-09-05 208
Same as above, multiple calls a day at odd times... don't answer and they NEVER leave a message!

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