Report for 1-3202123143 - 2020-03-21 320
Unwanted text messages. This is a scam from an auto warranty sales company.

Report for 1-3233347250 - 2020-03-21 323
Calls multiple times a day. I called number back today and the woman with a heavy accent identified the caller and asked if they "could remove me from the list." We'll see if that happens.

Report for 1-8123202397 - 2020-03-21 812
CID came up as Unavailable with our phone listed as spam. Don't pick up and don't call back.

Report for 1-3472740333 - 2020-03-21 347
Left voicemail saying their records indicated that I would be arrested. They said it was a legal matter and would be filed in court unless I call.

Report for 1-3516631737 - 2020-03-21 351
Received call from this number but did not answer, as I did not recognize the number. They did not leave a message. I did a reverse look up and came across this forum. I will be blocking, as I have a limited amount of block space available on my phone, so I will be using that. Thank you all for your input.

Report for 1-8124300931 - 2020-03-21 812
"Please do not hang up" - I've no clue what company this is, left the same one.

Report for 1-3054469125 - 2020-03-21 305
Left message about quick review. Called 8:13, then at 7:30. This is a scam. Blocking them

Report for 1-4177204109 - 2020-03-21 417
I did not answer; went to voice mail. They left no message.

Report for 1-3075741734 - 2020-03-21 307
called said I was being sued by the IRS. I called back with my number blocked. I gave a phony name and they asked was I Mike (full name) and I responded yes, they hung up. SCAMMERS

Report for 1-3607484702 - 2020-03-20 360
I received a call from 1-407-553-5171 and the Caller left a message that they will be coming down with the law if I don't call them back.

Report for 1-2095951793 - 2020-03-20 209
Same as all others have said above. Call my cell 3-4x day and several times per day. Never leave a message. Have blocked call but they keep changing phone#. I called the # automated voice that tells you "you recently visited one of our affiliates". I hung up.....again. This is getting ridiculous.

Report for 1-3364433013 - 2020-03-20 336
Apple Support Scam

Report for 1-3096318536 - 2020-03-20 309
Called me at 6:15 pm. Did not answer as I did not recognize the number. No message left when I did not answer they called two days ago. I've received other scams calls where you can tell they called numbers for their call center (phone, voice, time of the day) that can be found.

Report for 1-5183299670 - 2020-03-20 518
No message, just dead air.

Report for 1-5037614753 - 2020-03-20 503
These people from 614-999-5092 constantly call my cell phone. When I pick up it was a blank message.

Report for 1-8564673777 - 2020-03-20 856
no VM. blocked

Report for 1-2066297356 - 2020-03-20 206
Got a call and it said from Washington . I just hung up. Called back and it said push any number for the do not call list

Report for 1-9799198937 - 2020-03-20 979
Called on my cell. No message left.

Report for 1-8142570892 - 2020-03-20 814
It's that time of year. As I'm typing this I'm getting 3x's more calls than I did on 24 Oct. I just got one this morning at 7:00 pm. I am on state and federal do not call list. Why can't something be done about these nuisance callers? Is anyone on the Do Not Call List? I'm just trying to report these's ridiculous!!

Report for 1-9529523388 - 2020-03-20 952
I received the exact message. Obviously a SCAM. Blocked

Report for 1-3175363504 - 2020-03-20 317
Called while i was in class, I did not answer and they did not leave a message

Report for 1-6674900001 - 2020-03-20 667
Got a call from this number today. Didn't answer.

Report for 1-4062526579 - 2020-03-20 406
Just called me. This was a foreign accent and I knew immediately this was not Apple support. I am not an apple customer so how can they say that in the first place? Idiot scammers.

Report for 1-8183094354 - 2020-03-20 818
Call from a non-fixed VoIP number. Call blocked 536am.

Report for 1-4791305085 - 2020-03-20 479
Same experience as others - computer generated call to tell me that my account with the SSA and that they were going to suspend my Social Security number for suspicious activity. (SSA will leave a message with your full social security number if this were a true charge, which it probably isn't, since they probably have it already if not already. The thing is some of these call are always made for months or years, so there's no way to know it was the same one that sent in the previous year.) This time, I just pressed "1" but when a man answered, he said "Social Security Administration." I hung up at that point.

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