Report for 1-9193497502 - 2020-04-28 919
They called my brother in law and said I owed money and if I didn't pay that they was going to send me to court to settle this or take me to court. I'm an attorney and I told them to put me in contact with my attorney so that he can check on it. They called all over again.

Report for 1-4084314655 - 2020-04-28 408
Called 3 times in a row with the same recording saying the phone no. this time was 877-813-0708.

Report for 1-5855127549 - 2020-04-28 585
Got the same exact message from "Officer Julie Smith". Obviously a scam, even though it could have been a recorded message. Just ignore it.

Report for 1-6168187147 - 2020-04-28 616
This company is a scam!

Report for 1-2138104150 - 2020-04-28 213
called me and left no message, i called back from a blocked phone and said for me to unblock my cell. she was very polite, and said this person will be taken off the list, but i dont want to guarantee they will take me off...

Report for 1-9032104910 - 2020-04-28 903
Said his name is Robert and is with Chase card company (I dont even bank with the Chase Bank LOL) I told him he was out of his mind (which he was) and I hung up on him... This is a new one, but I get these calls a lot and the last one I got was about a year ago and I explained I bank with the bank for my own use, but he didn't care....

Report for 1-2487661062 - 2020-04-28 248
Called while I was out. ID says Survey. I didn't answer, they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-9414672287 - 2020-04-28 941
Got a call too but since they left no message I called back and it said "if you want to be put on the donot call list for the number that called you, go to the do not call list at" I had to enter 100 zeroes to make it do this and it said okay thank you and hung up. Its a scam for sure.

Report for 1-3519246857 - 2020-04-28 351
Called and left a message, sounded like a robo-message for a debt collector, but not clear. They left no caller-id, no company name.

Report for 1-8165231676 - 2020-04-28 816
I have been getting calls from this number 1 to 3 times/day. I do not recognize the number or the caller. I am on the do not call list.

Report for 1-8312578340 - 2020-04-28 831
same thing here in Milwaukee

Report for 1-4122260212 - 2020-04-28 412
This is a scam!

Report for 1-3022193410 - 2020-04-28 302
Received a call from this number at 10:45 pm PST. Didn't answer. Guess it's time to add this to my block list.

Report for 1-5123612081 - 2020-04-28 512
They keep calling my cell but I refuse to answer. The one time I did answer it was the same automated message I told them I am not interested in continuing my education. What a bunch of losers !!!

Report for 1-7701057654 - 2020-04-28 770
I just got a call from them; too. Caller ID said "Unavailable" but it was a live person and was asking for donations to support police. She was trying so hard to sound polite! I told her I give locally. She wanted to put me into a draw and then when I said I wasn't interested in a donation and to take me off the calling list, she said "then why did you call me?" I told her that I'm on the do not call list and again she said "well then, I guess you weren't taken off the calling list then :) " and hung up on me! I was like "really???" It's very creepy.

Report for 1-6414443451 - 2020-04-28 641
I am getting this call on my voicemail every day around the same time. I have already gotten two voicemails today, the first was a couple hours ago and the second one was a few minutes ago. It's not like it has to be a big deal, they would just call at a random time of year and have you call back anyway, but still a little annoying.

Report for 1-3108385769 - 2020-04-28 310
This is an old, old scam. The man with this foreign accent calls himself Brian Jackson. When you call back it's just a recording.

Report for 1-5614090986 - 2020-04-28 561
Just rec'd a call and did not answer message left.

Report for 1-3233168739 - 2020-04-28 323
Call back and press 1.... You will win a new Mercedes SUV or 5k cash. Scam for sure. I'm not calling.

Report for 1-2319958899 - 2020-04-28 231
Called number back and it said not in service. Scammer

Report for 1-2127402020 - 2020-04-28 212
They call my office number multiple times a day leaving no message. I finally answered today and they told me that they were trying to reach the person they were looking for and I should have just given them a call back when I had contact.

Report for 1-4130039070 - 2020-04-28 413
Calls every day no message

Report for 1-3519246857 - 2020-04-27 351
same as others. caller id was V723201200

Report for 1-7720730412 - 2020-04-27 772
Scammers don't give up. They just leave a new number to call from, or spoof a new number to ring you with, and try to get your info or money. They should all be put down in the dirt.

Report for 1-8479705230 - 2020-04-26 847
I just received a call, they said I had a debt due and I needed to pay it. I ask them who am sending me this so called paper and they can't give me an answer I keep trying to get something else. It is against the law to call your coworkers or your family and discuss there business but this company is not allowed to discuss such info to any stranger.

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