Report for 1-6462634797 - 2020-09-15 646
They called me and I could tell it was a telemarketer or collection agency as I knew who would be calling. I told them, "I'm not interested," and the girl hung up on me.

Report for 1-4802190726 - 2020-09-15 480
no ID

Report for 1-6464396554 - 2020-09-15 646
Called this number back after a few missed calls, was on hold for 10 mins answering machine answered, still I got a recorded message that the number I dialed was not in service. Called them back and it was a busy signal.

Report for 1-8123242232 - 2020-09-15 812
Same here. Got a recording from Amy Smith from Reference #066011 (which I don't even remember having) on my voicemail. Glad I googled the # and read this. Now I know its a spammer.

Report for 1-6315828915 - 2020-09-15 631
Robodialing scumbags

Report for 1-5406387982 - 2020-09-15 540
I also have been getting calls and text from this number. I was told it was for a loan my husband took out in 2013, which we never did. When I call the number back with the same male voice on the other end it automatically hangs up. I wonder if they are making calls to everyone.

Report for 1-3145915095 - 2020-09-15 314
Called three times after that, so I blocked this call. It's got to be a scammer

Report for 1-3074493664 - 2020-09-15 307
They called and left no messages. I called them back. They claim to be a collection agency. They stated that they tried to contact me several times via an unknown number to my cell. They asked me to verify that this is something that I had listed (that I did not make). I hung up.

Report for 1-7189892508 - 2020-09-15 718
I was called twice in a single day. Caller ID indicates 'Private Caller'. Left no message.

Report for 1-6163025806 - 2020-09-15 616
Same here.

Report for 1-3303450929 - 2020-09-15 330
same as other postings...Lighthouse Baptist, no message...looked here to see if others have been called. blocked!

Report for 1-4258225284 - 2020-09-15 425
"This is a real estate investment company that works with all kinds of buyers. We specialize in selling to high-end buyers."

Report for 1-4157121909 - 2020-09-15 415
I get calls from this 1-714-409-0426 and no one there. They call all hours. I have asked them to put me on the do not call list. We'll see but this

Report for 1-2028283501 - 2020-09-15 202
Called my cell 3 times in a row, and left a voicemail with nothing added to it. I didn't bother to call it back to see who it was, but if they're spoofing numbers, it's obviously a scam.

Report for 1-2028861329 - 2020-09-15 202
Called multiple times. This time my wife answered. It stated something along the lines of Medicare is going to discontinue Medicare cards, they need new numbers to collect information.

Report for 1-7724747390 - 2020-09-13 772
Received a call from this number. No message was left. Blocked number.

Report for 1-3372831018 - 2020-09-13 337
I got the same call

Report for 1-3517720498 - 2020-09-12 351
They called saying something about claiming tax information if I don't call them back I could get in trouble

Report for 1-8452268091 - 2020-09-12 845
They said they are calling on behalf of IRS to file a law suit and that your address is under investigation. I said, who is this, he said a person named William. I said I have a call coming from this number. He hung up.

Report for 1-2124894009 - 2020-09-12 212
I kept getting the call for days, and it came up as a voice mail. I called them back. "John Thomas" told me I was being investigated for fraud in a case against me, for tax evasion. I told him this sounded like a scam to me. He then started to threaten me stating that I needed to pay him for $2571.00. I told him I was going to call IRS myself and hung up. He then contacted my father stating that I was under investigation. They called my cell phone, but did not leave a message. They have to be stopped

Report for 1-2069639055 - 2020-09-12 206
I keep getting a missed call. I tried to call it back the automated service is full.

Report for 1-2312654783 - 2020-09-12 231
Received a call from them at 5am this morning (6-21-13) no answer or VM.

Report for 1-9522601599 - 2020-09-12 952
The same thing happened to me.

Report for 1-6606683322 - 2020-09-12 660
Called on a message

Report for 1-9154604788 - 2020-09-12 915
Just got this call and picked up the other line and they disconnected. Called the number back and got a recording that the number was an invalid number. They are probably using a computer to call and check if an answer machine is enabled. These people need to be stopped. I am sick and tired of these [***] stealing my money, and I am elderly and have little to no money...stop harassing my family.

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