Report for 1-6618353991 - 2020-04-29 661
Calls daily at least once, never leaves a message...annoying.....

Report for 1-6787552767 - 2020-04-29 678
Got this call from a Lisa Morgan today about a pending lawsuit against me to resolve this matter they had my information. When I called the same lady hung up or said all her staff is waiting on me. These people have got to be stopped. I also got calls last month saying I owed on a payday loan said the same thing.

Report for 1-6063745891 - 2020-04-29 606
This is a scam. There have been multiple reports on this number online, and I am also going to block it. These people are getting a lot of our information from a recent IRS filing.

Report for 1-8479705230 - 2020-04-29 847
I also am getting these calls and it is a robocall on my phone. They are very annoying.

Report for 1-2135371432 - 2020-04-29 213
It's a computer call and

Report for 1-5092602125 - 2020-04-29 509
Called at 4:45am, left a two second message saying nothing. Block them.

Report for 1-2240008200 - 2020-04-29 224
Have been getting harrassing phone calls for over a wyndham hotel room?

Report for 1-2066298608 - 2020-04-29 206
Calls constantly but leaves no message- just annoying.

Report for 1-6128277356 - 2020-04-29 612
called 3-4-18 @ 7:36PM. didn't answer.

Report for 1-2728470949 - 2020-04-29 272
The FTC is already cracking down on the IRS scam (not enough resources). Do these people think we're idiots? This is not how the IRS does business!

Report for 1-8183373054 - 2020-04-29 818
Received call and I don't have SPRINT!!!

Report for 1-8085248137 - 2020-04-29 808
Got a call from this number and they asked for the name of our company, our name, and they hung up. Very sketchical!

Report for 1-5207913154 - 2020-04-29 520
Received a call from this number today saying they were looking for someone else and then if the person didnt call back then they are contacting all references and places.

Report for 1-3519221280 - 2020-04-29 351
Called, left no message.

Report for 1-9547127899 - 2020-04-29 954
Have been calling at least 3 times a day for the past 5 days. Pressed one & then call couldnt be made as the number was disconnected.....

Report for 1-4089783978 - 2020-04-29 408
Just called. I said not on the phone.They said, thank you we will take your number off the list.I have been very bothered by these calls recently.How do you stop them???

Report for 1-2022260585 - 2020-04-29 202
Called two days in a row at around midnight, both times. I picked up and it was silent.

Report for 1-4083322559 - 2020-04-28 408
It is a scam. IRS never contacts you by phone. I got the same scam call.

Report for 1-6268936786 - 2020-04-28 626
Just recieved my 1st call from a tritium rep. said i had filled out a survey that day and when i asked which one they wouldnt answer or reply. They tried to talk to me bout a prize i supposedly won. Very shady and i got scammed by someone like this before and had to cancel my card to stop any further issues.

Report for 1-8286419744 - 2020-04-28 828
I got an e-mail in regards to my address, not to mention a phone message from a man calling himself Officer Greg Williams in regards to his Badge number number. He has his phone set up for my convenience so not going to bother to call back. I just called the RCMP and she said in regards to the same scam and if these people call back again I will call the RCMP as well.

Report for 1-4803025780 - 2020-04-28 480
I got a call on my cell phone (which is a phone that is not registered to anyone). They left a message which was a recorded message to call this number.They didn't state the name of the company, just said my car's warranty was expired and I needed to renew it. I think it is a scam. No one calls me to tell me that

Report for 1-7720730412 - 2020-04-28 772
Got 4 calls today from the number...all different numbers.

Report for 1-3853929555 - 2020-04-28 385
Has called twice and no message when I didn't answer.

Report for 1-6502723063 - 2020-04-28 650
Received a call from this number but did not pick up. Did not leave a message. I have blocked the number.

Report for 1-2625496161 - 2020-04-28 262
Unknown number. Left no message.

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