Report for 1-9091602580 - 2020-01-10 909
These guys are calling me and others saying I got a legal matter that requires payment with an

Report for 1-9092807624 - 2019-12-25 909
Caller left no message.

Report for 1-9096340262 - 2019-12-25 909
This number left me a message about needing to deliver court papers and that a certified mail letter required a signature, and they would find me at my home or work. Said I needed two forms of ID. I just called back and it has not been answered. I have my identity stolen before so I don't know what would be in it for them if I did pickup and give my ID out.

Report for 1-9099778835 - 2019-12-15 909
Keeps calling my phone but leaves no message.

Report for 1-9094152037 - 2019-12-14 909
I received the exact same message from "Eric Foster" on Feb.13. And I have no debt.

Report for 1-9095900800 - 2019-12-11 909
Received a phone cal on my cell today from this number, they hung up when I answered, called it back several times, the voicemail for the name "Bryan Johnson" is full

Report for 1-9096340262 - 2019-12-09 909
I just received the same message. Glad I saw the posts! Thanks!

Report for 1-9091602580 - 2019-12-08 909
Called this morning at 9:19, caller ID said Washington DC. It was a recording. They were asking for support to a police/paramedic. Then they asked for my name, I asked who was calling and the guy then said he was with the Washington DC Police. I interrupted the recording and told him I was going to report the call to the police and he hung up. I called the number back and a man answered the phone with "hello." I asked to give him the number that I was called on and he had no record of that, said the number was not available and disconnected the line. The caller ID said "Washington, DC" - no such place.

Report for 1-9095924375 - 2019-12-02 909
Scam for sure!!!

Report for 1-9099836945 - 2019-12-01 909
You must work for this company. They are really good at scamming people. I'm a student of their company they help me in getting scholarships to America. I'm currently applying for scholarships so I will recommend you guys for that if you guys want to help american people.

Report for 1-9099997984 - 2019-11-30 909
Same as the others. My auto warranty expires after 1 year if the call was made after the first of the year.

Report for 1-9091626448 - 2019-11-29 909
Received call but did not answer. Blocked number. It's obviously a scammer as no message, so what makes them think people will respond if you answer

Report for 1-9091603117 - 2019-11-28 909
They constantly phone me no matter what time of day or night. I picked up one day, and told him I don't give a damn what he wants or who he is. If you want something I will give it, if you want nothing I will give nothing - I do not want what you are calling for, I am a law abiding citizen, and I still do not want robocalls. So stop calling...I am going to tell him I am calling the police. (Not really though, since if they are to the extent of being a SCAM, the Police would have no reason to be making contact with them.)

Report for 1-9091602580 - 2019-11-25 909
Scammers trying to steal credit card information, do not give them any of your personal information.

Report for 1-9091902209 - 2019-11-22 909
No answer - just silence

Report for 1-9094840265 - 2019-11-20 909
I just received a call from this number stating that they were from the Attorney Generals office and that a case was being filed against me for a payday loan of 300.00 that i defaulted on. He named off a payment of 200.00 that i was suppose to make and the amount was going to go up to 5000.00. And that if i did not make an arrangement of it, they was going to have a deputy come to my home to arrest me. I told the a-hole that this is BS because i was not going to give him anything and that i wasn't aware of anything that was taken place for that amount. They told him that i had better not show up at work to face anyone with a sheriff and he hung up on me. When i tryed to call back he let it go to a voicemail. When i get through to the 714 # they said they were closed due to "lots of work to get this case out". I am glad i read the rest of these on this website about this scam. These people are sick.

Report for 1-9095924375 - 2019-11-16 909
"We're sorry to disappoint you. Our companies, RGS and Global Services, have just been closed. Please call 18002245689 to rejoin our company.

Report for 1-9091626448 - 2019-11-10 909
These are all scams...I called my bank and was told these things are done over the internet and you never get a confirmation letter. Don't let it scare you into thinking you will be charged anything. If this had happened to you and you knew it was a scam, you would have contacted your bank immediately and had them change your card or cancel the account. If you are considering this kind of transaction make sure you do a search on this 419-230-4518. People who think they are doing you a favor by taking all the information to sign and sending you a document stating that you agreed to the terms of this would just be putting money on the table for them and not you.

Report for 1-9091602580 - 2019-11-06 909
Got the recording, when I called the # back, it is a phone center in Mexico. Spam Scam.

Report for 1-9094201075 - 2019-11-04 909
Called and left a message about a complaint against me, but have no idea who this is.

Report for 1-9095900800 - 2019-11-03 909
Same thing here... I am currently in the process of filing a police report asap... please help me find these people and serve them with a cease and desist order from the Federal government. Thank You

Report for 1-9091012251 - 2019-11-02 909
Didn't have a chance to buy. Did say they don't say who they are or what they are selling. This is a SCAM and just want your money. Block them

Report for 1-9098428170 - 2019-10-10 909
Called 3 times within minutes. I answered the 4th time but no one there so I blocked the number.

Report for 1-9099836945 - 2019-10-04 909
They kept calling I called back and it rang and rang and rang, and they would just keep saying nothing. They finally just hung up and finally blocked my number from them coming to my house. It's really frustrating,

Report for 1-9095858883 - 2019-09-29 909
No message. Blocked!!

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