Report for 1-8432797204 - 2018-12-16 843
This is a scam. They don't even have the correct name for the company they call representing. The woman told me her name was "Sharyn Harris", but they didn't even have that name on file. They were wanting my information about my bank and credit card. Never give out your information over the phone if you don't know who you're talking to.

Report for 1-8432939141 - 2018-12-15 843
Received call at work - it was someone named John Smith. When I called back to ask what the call was in reference to, a woman answered and said it was a personal matter. I am no longer with that company. I told her I do not know this person and she asked if I knew them. When I declined to identify who

Report for 1-8433893323 - 2018-12-15 843
Keep calling me..I answer it and no one is there. So I just ignore it

Report for 1-8432734114 - 2018-12-13 843
Missed call. No message left.

Report for 1-8432903150 - 2018-12-10 843
I just got the same call - when I called back there was no answer. I did a reverse lookup from an app and found this site - Thanks so much for the warning! These types of calls are extremely intrusive!

Report for 1-8432131818 - 2018-12-09 843
Same as above. Didn't answer because didn't recognize.

Report for 1-8432563897 - 2018-12-09 843
We receive a call about every other day from the above number. They never leave a message. The number is blocked but they still try to call. This needs to be stopped. The Do Not Call list is a big joke!! This has been going on for 3 years now. I am filing a complaint for each incoming unwanted call. We are going to get it stopped somehow.

Report for 1-8436673315 - 2018-12-03 843
This is ARA, the "Revenue Gathering Company".

Report for 1-8432131818 - 2018-12-03 843
Yes, this number is a scam. It is a robo caller. They will use their scare tactics to make you send them money or give them your social security number. It's not real. These calls are being made by scammers trying to get a person to send money, give up their personal information, or both. The IRS sends letters if they get a call. You have to get letters in the mail if you owe taxes. Do not let them scare you. If they try to call you at your job, say, "This is your supervisor right?" Hang up immediately. This is not how you get the proper attention of law enforcement. Do not speak to them or give them any information. Hang up immediately.

Report for 1-8435187887 - 2018-12-03 843
Received call this morning. Did not answer as the number was not familiar but did not leave any message.

Report for 1-8432775423 - 2018-12-02 843
Call no message

Report for 1-8434035030 - 2018-12-02 843
Received a call "unknown". Voicemail left with some "domain renewal" nonsense. Reported as scammer to DNC #,

Report for 1-8432789181 - 2018-12-01 843
Called my cell

Report for 1-8435543430 - 2018-11-30 843
This number is a fraud

Report for 1-8432563897 - 2018-11-24 843
I just received a call from this number as well. I was also called by a 713 510-0423 and a 713 510-0429 number a few minutes before. Neither ever left a message. One call stated they were calling from the FBI and the other call stated the caller was with the IRS. I looked up the numbers to see who they belonged to and could not find any match as to who they may be.I will be very leary of whoever you people are... I would be!

Report for 1-8435208715 - 2018-11-22 843
Called me and I did not answer.

Report for 1-8432911287 - 2018-11-17 843
This is a collection agency, called ACE and Associates out of New York... they do collections for businesses including medical facilities. They are very rude people, very unprofessional and very aggressive! I've asked them politely numerous times to please stop calling my number, I am the one they are looking for! I have explained I just happen to enjoy being abused by collection agencies, that's why I get paid. Why can't I get off their list? They seem to like it when I hang up on them and call them back...

Report for 1-8437471882 - 2018-11-12 843
Just received the call, on my cell. My landline is unpublished. I live in the Seattle/Tacoma/Bellevue area area.

Report for 1-8435384600 - 2018-11-08 843
It's a scammer.

Report for 1-8432787542 - 2018-11-03 843
Came home to a voice mail message from 866-212-6151. I called it back and they answered as Microsoft.

Report for 1-8437471882 - 2018-10-27 843
This is a scam! My call didn't even ring but my phone vibrated and my boyfriend and I listened to it. He/she said hello but no words could be exchanged. I am so glad I googled this number before calling back. He/she said her name was "Nancy" and then started to laugh and said I am "just going round and round" and then hung up. We looked into payday loans and found a LOT of scams. I have never been late on a payday loan so this is totally absurd.

Report for 1-8432333533 - 2018-10-23 843
Left me a voicemail saying her company bought my car (but didnt name the car company..) then asked me if my vehicle had any scratches or dents and if I was selling it. I told her that I wasnt selling it and she quickly hung up. I tried calling back with the same number and no one picked up. I blocked the number.

Report for 1-8432131818 - 2018-10-22 843
I've received this same phone call 3 times in 2 days - what a scam. I blocked the number and then it starts giving me a message telling me my Microsoft subscription is about to expire. Have no clue who they are looking for - I've not had a computer in years.

Report for 1-8432304980 - 2018-10-21 843
Called, then hung up.

Report for 1-8432939141 - 2018-10-16 843
So why do we not get an apology from this caller and some results from this investigation that you requested?

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