Report for 1-8437471882 - 2019-06-19 843
Received recorded message saying they are with the IRS and this was the last warning that if I did not call them the IRS was going to file a lawsuit against me.

Report for 1-8432131818 - 2019-06-17 843
Call constantly

Report for 1-8430606120 - 2019-06-16 843
A caller says I have to call this number this time or my Social Security Number will be blocked due to criminal activity. And for me to call them to avoid block from Social Security Department.

Report for 1-8435379386 - 2019-06-09 843
This number and a few similar number called me and I finally picked up after about 4 missed calls. The first few times they've called I was like "hello"...but nothing was said and then they hung up! So sick of them calling me over and over! Plus the caller ID does not display the name, just the number, or a city/state!!!

Report for 1-8432990078 - 2019-06-07 843
received the same call.

Report for 1-8436673315 - 2019-06-06 843
Got a call yesterday and today. Have gotten these before they are now using the 410-774-8240 or 301-223-4030. If you answer, they hang up.

Report for 1-8435208715 - 2019-06-01 843
I am on do not call list!! I don't want their calls again

Report for 1-8435384600 - 2019-05-31 843
Called my cell phone and didn't leave a message

Report for 1-8432797204 - 2019-05-26 843
Same here, I called them back and told them I had a lawyer and to not call again, and the man said the F word to me and hung up. He was obviously pissed that I called the first time because he said the F word to me, the second time he just started yelling at me. How do we stop this?

Report for 1-8433824462 - 2019-05-23 843
Called my cell. No message.

Report for 1-8436673315 - 2019-05-18 843
Same situation, they won't leave a message

Report for 1-8437471882 - 2019-05-15 843
Called no message blocked

Report for 1-8432939141 - 2019-05-09 843
They called twice and hung up. The second time I got a voice on the other end and said hello. The recorded voice said I have a great credit and interest rate on my credit cards and that it would be great if I answered some questions. I hung up. It then called again and didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-8432720011 - 2019-05-04 843
A woman named Michelle White left a voicemail and said she wanted to provide some documents to me and I needed to call her asap.

Report for 1-8433457519 - 2019-04-29 843
Got call today from this number. Didn't answer, no voicemail left.

Report for 1-8435384600 - 2019-04-29 843
No message left. Caller ID stated: Chicago, IL

Report for 1-8432789181 - 2019-04-26 843
Scam. They are going to "garnish" you. It's a scam.

Report for 1-8435196360 - 2019-04-22 843
Received a voicemail from this number. The message said: "This is a legal notice from (unintelligible) Our office has been assigned to process legal document(?) at this time. To avoid being summoned to court(?) give us a call. We'll be out of office for two days"The guy then goes on with an elaborate sentence structure as I was able to catch his and asks for a case number. Which I did not supply.They do have the information already, but it's just confirmation of who they are and where they were calling from. Don't be fooled.If they tried this (in my state anyway) it would be illegal for them to do it. This is a complete scam/thief.

Report for 1-8439974582 - 2019-04-11 843
Just received a call from this #. They called my home number several time and when I call it back its some kind. Telemarketer or robospammer.

Report for 1-8434974877 - 2019-04-10 843
Called at 1, did not answer. No message left. Blocking the number

Report for 1-8433893323 - 2019-04-10 843
IRS Scam

Report for 1-8434789360 - 2019-04-08 843
This number called me twice, I didn't answer, they left a recorded message, it said I'd won a 7day cruise.

Report for 1-8437471882 - 2019-04-04 843
# showed up as "not available" on caller ID. I was in a meeting at the time.

Report for 1-8435543430 - 2019-03-31 843
They have been calling every day for days.

Report for 1-8432389340 - 2019-03-29 843
Some one was playing on the phone and I called back and someone answered the phone as Apple support and my phone didn't ring at all and it said your call didn't go through....

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