Report for 1-2064515835 - 2018-07-23 206
I got this call today and they kept calling back i called they said i owed 540$ for a cash loan that i paid off in 2012 then when i started asking questions they got mad and hung up on me

Report for 1-2068233693 - 2018-07-22 206

Report for 1-2065520218 - 2018-07-22 206
No message left, just another spammer.

Report for 1-2068884157 - 2018-07-20 206
If you press 2 and get someone you can just ask them to never call again. In any case, I have done both and they stopped calling for about 5 months now.

Report for 1-2063258554 - 2018-07-20 206

Report for 1-2069639055 - 2018-07-12 206
I received a text message telling me to call this number for a card that I don't even have!!!

Report for 1-2066298608 - 2018-07-05 206
This number has called me 7 times today. My phone is constantly ringing and then I just get a voicemail but no message...I know it is an automatic message and I want it stopped.

Report for 1-2068807653 - 2018-07-05 206
Just called at 10:20am, I declined the call and they left no voicemail.

Report for 1-2062852603 - 2018-06-23 206
This number calls me at least twice a day. Once while I'm at work and once while I'm at home. I have a list of random numbers calling me. This is driving me crazy and with the number of scam calls I get daily, it's really starting to become a problem. Any ideas on how to get it to stop.

Report for 1-2066297356 - 2018-06-23 206
The caller didn't leave a message. It came at 8:15 this morning

Report for 1-2065779921 - 2018-06-12 206
Received a call today - this is the second one so far. When I call back it says that the mailbox is full. I will not deal with anything from these people again!

Report for 1-2064145804 - 2018-06-09 206
Scam call don't pick up

Report for 1-2065960887 - 2018-06-04 206
called at 10:00 pm on a Friday, hung up before I could answer

Report for 1-2062463831 - 2018-05-27 206
We have recently received about two calls daily. The first time, they stated that we had requested information about a car wash. We did not, and asked them to not call our office again. Now they called and I answered. This time the person said: "This is not a solicitation call!" A woman's voice that I know better than to respond to. They did not state their company name. I repeated what I said when I first answered the phone this morning. They did not speak, then hung up on me. Obviously, this is the kind of crap that is allowed to persist in the phone lines of decent people. It was a very rude bunch of people, and I would like to make it known that when they call you, you do not ask any questions; you tell them the name of the person they want and how they can reach that person. Just say hello, hello, hello; hang up. I could not understand the name given though; it was "Lil Car Care".

Report for 1-2065520218 - 2018-05-22 206
Called today, same old same old, I block all these callers!

Report for 1-2066500560 - 2018-05-17 206
They keep calling my house in Texas and asking for some "Cindy". I have told them numerous times they have the wrong phone number for me, they have been told that, yet they continue to call. I'm really getting annoyed by these calls, I have reported them to the FTC, I am going to file a complaint with the attorney general and my husband is also going to file a complaint with the FCC. Its ridiculous. They need to be stopped. They call about 10 or more times/day.

Report for 1-2069057654 - 2018-05-15 206
We have blocked this number but it never stops calling it's annoying

Report for 1-2064146918 - 2018-05-15 206
I received a text message from this # the first part of message was cut out. I have no clue who this person is and I know this person does not keep herself well.

Report for 1-2063218208 - 2018-05-10 206
Called my cell at 5:32 CST; I didn't pick up the phone, so they left a voicemail message with a recording telling me not to ignore the call regarding SSN fraud.

Report for 1-2066298608 - 2018-05-09 206
They are just calling to ask for donations. I asked what company and she hung up. She called me by my nickname and I said I'm not paying to be called by someone rude on the phone...She didn't want was weird.

Report for 1-2062086576 - 2018-05-07 206
just got a call too. no message left. crickets.

Report for 1-2063200104 - 2018-05-03 206
This number keeps calling and leaving messages on my cell.

Report for 1-2069057654 - 2018-04-30 206
I also received a call from this number. I didn't answer

Report for 1-2065960887 - 2018-04-30 206
I got a call from this number and they left a message. I was told they were calling from an attorney's office and I needed to call back. I figured that if they had cause, why they wouldn't call me. No info given.

Report for 1-2063884876 - 2018-04-20 206
Got a text for 200 dollars gift card from walmart, I am on the do not call registry.

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