Report for 1-2064989542 - 2018-11-14 206
This guy has called 6 times but no message, I can get blocked.

Report for 1-2064515835 - 2018-11-03 206
Didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-2064621829 - 2018-11-02 206
They keep calling several times a day.

Report for 1-2063471047 - 2018-10-25 206
It's called this number from different states. They leave a message. Just blocked the number.

Report for 1-2066220460 - 2018-10-24 206
Same number just called me. Robot voice said was call from SSA. If I don't call them back within 24 hours, law enforcement will be on my doorstep.

Report for 1-2066298626 - 2018-10-17 206
just called my cell too. left no messege.

Report for 1-2064801058 - 2018-10-15 206
Said they where calling from the social Security administration and if we did not want to go on disability then press one. It was a recorded message so they can make you pay.

Report for 1-2063391425 - 2018-10-09 206
Caller ID said "Private Caller". Left no message.

Report for 1-2065967893 - 2018-10-09 206
"This is the law firm handling a collection account", or something like that. No I am not sending you any money or any information. I did not give you my telephone number when you called me, so I can't prove there was a "law firm" involved in the beginning, when I would imagine there would have been. They called about 5 PM yesterday, but didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-2064192617 - 2018-10-05 206
They call me once in a while, usually don't answer. Now it's just dead air. I see it's from a different number and just ignored them. They've also called me from the following numbers: 302-337-3146, 302-337-3130, 913-729-6641.

Report for 1-2063169860 - 2018-09-30 206
Just called at 8:10 am Pacific. Left no message. ID said from WYOMING.

Report for 1-2066297356 - 2018-09-29 206
They called but it hung up as I picked up.

Report for 1-2063884876 - 2018-09-19 206
I have received repeated calls from this number regarding the IRS. I do not owe the IRS. When I answer I get a recording. I have tried to call back and receive an automated voicemail saying voicemail is full. I called the number and requested they remove my number from their call listing.

Report for 1-2066298608 - 2018-09-11 206
I just got the same text, but mine was from "mike".

Report for 1-2063471047 - 2018-09-09 206
Caller claims they got some free advertising for Told them I'm on DNC and not to call anymore. He said they'll call back later. Will block on iPhone.

Report for 1-2063099950 - 2018-09-07 206
Robotic voice claiming to be Katelyn from the IRS stating my "social" is about to be suspended and that I "have to get back to them to fix this problems"

Report for 1-2069057654 - 2018-09-05 206
Receive a call from this number at 8:00pm on Friday the 21. When I answer, the caller hangs up.

Report for 1-2063471047 - 2018-09-01 206
i called back and this was a company called cash call

Report for 1-2064621829 - 2018-08-23 206
These people call me 4-5 times per day. I am not able to answer my phone when they call, and they never leave a message. I tried to answer once, and no one was there. I do not know these people, and am tired of answering my phone every day.

Report for 1-2066298608 - 2018-08-23 206
This number has been calling me, on and off for about 4 months I always ignore the call. I too googled and found it was a fax number calling to sell cars. I have not called the number back yet, because if they know my fax number they should answer as a business in the phone book and their name on the fax should easily let me know who they are and what their fax for is about. I have tried dialing this number back and it rings and then says no longer in service. I would like for them

Report for 1-2064192617 - 2018-08-17 206
Called cell phone. Did not leave message. I agree that the # is for a nursing home I have had some dealings with when I was in my early 60s and we had an online pharmacy and also had online loans.

Report for 1-2066500560 - 2018-08-08 206
This is for Hoseworth Financial in Temecula. They keep calling and hanging up on you.

Report for 1-2063370553 - 2018-08-07 206
Got the same call twice. So I called back this time from my cell phone and he said he was Mark Harris badge number 72497 I

Report for 1-2064273863 - 2018-08-05 206
I'm in New Jersey and got the same message as everyone else. I'm guessing I will block it.

Report for 1-2065960887 - 2018-08-05 206
I got a new phone service and switched from AT&T to a prepaid brand. I have a block of numbers and so far they have called 9x over 30 days. This is just one of them. If you let the phone ring it hangs up but they know what your number is when you call it!

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