Report for 1-2068233697 - 2019-07-21 206
Received a call from this number. A foreign lady who barely spoke English asked for my son by name. I asked what it was regarding. She said no one spoke to me. I asked what it was regarding again. she would not say anything so I hung up.

Report for 1-2065967893 - 2019-07-21 206
This person called me 6 times in the last hour and it was only my phone. I answered the second one but nothing said and hung up

Report for 1-2068233693 - 2019-07-20 206
Same scam about a subscription. My subscription to Microsoft ran out 2 or 3 weeks ago. I just deleted them.

Report for 1-2068233697 - 2019-07-13 206
I too got a call. Said they have made several attempts to contact me and if I hadn't made the arrangements to pay them $300.00.I did not make any arrangements and no one has contacted me in over 6 months.

Report for 1-2063884876 - 2019-07-12 206

Report for 1-2063471047 - 2019-07-06 206
They are calling my cell phone. It is illegal for telemarketers to call cell phones. I have told them over and over again to STOP CALLING my cell. They will not.

Report for 1-2065779921 - 2019-07-05 206
They are calling my work leaving message they are calling from the IRS

Report for 1-2063884876 - 2019-06-09 206
Called yesterday. No message. I called it back today and it was a robocall for a lower interest rate credit card.

Report for 1-2063171748 - 2019-06-06 206
Scammers are trying to claim that I got sold to an online property company. The number they're referencing is a work cell of mine at the time of the call.

Report for 1-2064192617 - 2019-06-03 206
I received the same text. I texted back and did know my name and the name of the company they said I owed, but didn't give my name and never got a response. I figured something was wrong with the text because I did not have anything outstanding or bills in collections.

Report for 1-2062852603 - 2019-05-31 206
no message left

Report for 1-2063314028 - 2019-05-30 206
I received 2/17/18 message - did not use my name or dob. "I'm Officer Catherine White from IRS. I'd like to share my concern with you that there is a legal case involved with your name and the last 4 of your social. I need to talk to you or your attorney as soon as possible. If you could give me a call in the meantime at my number 206-451-4254. Please don't disregard, and do return my call as soon as possible."

Report for 1-2066320880 - 2019-05-29 206
Caller ID showed: Billing Information

Report for 1-2063391425 - 2019-05-18 206
Unknown caller

Report for 1-2064519142 - 2019-05-17 206
they call and ask for my husbands name but the phone he gives me is not his number. And they keep asking for more than just the person they are calling for but still wont say who they are, I have told them 3 times the person not there but still wont say who they are, finally they hang up on me...

Report for 1-2063471047 - 2019-05-16 206
SCAM -- Robocall said they had an urgent matter to discuss. They claimed to be from the IRS, but I checked the number I had been given and found it was a complete scam. They left a callback number and a (supposed) case number if I needed to call this man back. I have no idea why they called. Since when would the IRS call you on an Friday? I don't have any past due taxes that are in collections and my taxes all paid up to date. They called themselves the "IRS" but it sounded like the "I" in the company and it wasn't a real person.

Report for 1-2064555601 - 2019-05-15 206
I said hello, and a voice came on saying the person you are looking for is unavailable, press one for a free quote.

Report for 1-2063099950 - 2019-05-06 206
They called me, as well. It was a woman named "Kyla" and I called number back at 5:30am. Called them an idiot and they actually said they would take me off of their list. We'll see.

Report for 1-2066500560 - 2019-04-28 206
This guy has been using this number as a scam for a while. All I can say is if I didn't know any of you personally I would just chalk this up to another scam and take it down. He's actually very polite as I have gotten past him when I asked for info to check this out and he apologized for bothering me. If he calls again I'm gonna have some choice words. You would think that the police could take control of his situation in this day and age. He calls constantly. This number is on the do not call list. I get these calls from all different states. It is so irritating.

Report for 1-2063169860 - 2019-04-25 206
Received a message from this number stating the IRS has 4 counts against you and you will be taken into custody by the local police. I called the number back and asked the name of the company calling, she told me that she could not release the information until I identified myself. I asked, so where I can I get more information?

Report for 1-2065520218 - 2019-04-25 206
Calls about every 15 mins. No messages left. Has to be a scam. Will report to the Fcc

Report for 1-2063171748 - 2019-04-14 206
No message left.

Report for 1-2063884876 - 2019-04-13 206
Glad that I have come across this site! I have been looking long and hard to find someone who can assist me with the legal procedures we have to use, but no one has posted here about this yet. What I would like to know is how the situation unfold. This is so frustrating. I feel like a total fool!

Report for 1-2068884157 - 2019-04-12 206
Has called 4x today-didn't say anything, just hang up!

Report for 1-2064146918 - 2019-04-06 206
Got a call from them and was told if I didnt want to get their faxes to press 1, so I did and got the faxes and called and was told to stop sending it, and I asked them to send it again and they said no they were gonna continue to take money out of my account.. I told them they werent getting money out of this and it wasnt my account and the woman proceeded to berate me for not giving her a chance to tell me what to do, this was the first time I had gotten a customer service representative on the phone, they told me " you didnt give her a chance" and was trying to get to me and hung up on me. What im trying to say is my account is going to get put in arrears, she will continue to get money from me, and the bank will be put up on the look out...

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