Report for 1-2064146918 - 2017-11-04 206
Called again, still blocked

Report for 1-2068528298 - 2017-10-31 206
"The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try your call again." Caller id shows out of area.

Report for 1-2063881638 - 2017-10-28 206
An internet search says this is one of many different numbers that call and don't leave a message just like the other spam calls. I am blocking

Report for 1-2063314028 - 2017-10-26 206
Received a call from this number as well. Answered the call but no one was there. I called

Report for 1-2062463831 - 2017-10-22 206
I got this scam too...I wish the phone company would go after these pukes for abuse!

Report for 1-2068233693 - 2017-10-21 206
No response when answered

Report for 1-2062086576 - 2017-10-19 206
Call from this number and blocked.

Report for 1-2062463831 - 2017-10-13 206
I don't have any loans or anything like that with any one so I called my bank. They confirmed that this was bogus.

Report for 1-2063171748 - 2017-10-12 206
This number calls my house number all the time....I am on the do not call list. Is anyone getting these calls from this number that are on the do not call list?

Report for 1-2062463831 - 2017-10-10 206

Report for 1-2065960887 - 2017-10-02 206
Call came in at 9:15 this morning. The lady wanted to give me $10,000.00 in grant money I would never have to pay back. I asked if she was a government employee. She hung up.

Report for 1-2069057654 - 2017-10-01 206
This idiot called about my Windows computer. He was saying that if I had not called, they would shut it down. I asked where they were calling from and he would just hang up.I asked more questions about what he was talking about and he hung up

Report for 1-2066298608 - 2017-09-30 206
Call from a local number, 816-821-0459, stating there were "documents with my name" in their office to be signed but did not state who was calling for, to call back 877-304-0759 for info.

Report for 1-2069310963 - 2017-09-30 206
I got a call from this number, no message was left, I do not have voicemail set up for this number.

Report for 1-2063200104 - 2017-09-24 206
Called about an opthcnt from a pharmacy they told me I needed to be in

Report for 1-2069637275 - 2017-09-21 206
These idiots called at 8:35 pm and then again at 9:35 pm, left no message for either call, I blocked 'em. Caller ID was the phone number itself, but nothing more.

Report for 1-2064145509 - 2017-09-15 206
I received 3 calls and messages from this number and when I call back the man told me I have a warrant, I told him I never received anything in the mail and he said I must of seen it at the courthouse, I told him that I'm reporting this number and if it happens again I will be sueing the [***] out of them. I have reported this number to the Federal Trade Commission and also filed a complaint with the FTC. They just don't stop no matter what!

Report for 1-2064145804 - 2017-09-13 206
They have called 3 times in last few days

Report for 1-2064555601 - 2017-09-11 206
Called and I answered and the guy said his name is john and asks how are you today. So I hung up and blocked him.

Report for 1-2063391425 - 2017-09-07 206
Called the number back and a recording identified the caller as the "Vets." Didn't get the beginning portion of the recording. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-2064515835 - 2017-09-04 206
Got a call from this number - they did not leave a message. I called back and there was an automatic voice mail "this party you have called is unavailable."

Report for 1-2063218208 - 2017-09-03 206
Caller Id says "Not In Service". I did not answer. No message left.

Report for 1-2063546392 - 2017-09-01 206
Caller claims to be Apple support and that there is a security breach with my Icloud account and to call 408-621-6980, which is not Apple. When I called back, I was given the option to press 2 for my number would be removed from their list, which I did. We'll see if it truly worked

Report for 1-2064145509 - 2017-08-27 206
Scam about expired warranty.

Report for 1-2065967893 - 2017-08-27 206
Called twice this afternoon. Both times it only rang a couple of times on the answering machine then they hung up.

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